Mythology Island

Walkthrough written by Speedy Raptor.

The first thing you’ll wanna do is walk left a little bit and go into the Museum of Olympus. Watch the little cut scene by either walking right or pressing the button next to the door.


Go right into the gallery where all the statues are and then jump up to the middle bit with Zeus, Hades and Poseidon on it. You’ll notice that Poseidon has a starfish on his face. Jump up and grab the starfish.


Go out of the museum and go left to the next scene. Walk left a little bit and go up the Tree of Immortality. Find your way to the top of the tree and when you do talk to the satyr. You will ask him to help you get the golden apple and he says he will help you if you help him find his honey within the time limit. Get the 10 honey jars then go back to the satyr. He will show you a hidden path to the apple.


Go up to the path and click on the apple. You’ll knock it of the branch and it will fall down. Go down and pick up the apple. Zeus will come and ask you to perform a task, in turn he will grant you immortality. He leaves a scroll which lists the items he needs.


Head down the tree and go back down. You will see Athena and you will go and talk to her. Once you’ve done that go left into the Garden of the Sphinx. Go left a little bit and click on the dead rose. She will tell you that you can take it once the water flows again. So go up and pull all the levers and push down all the wooden bits to get the water flowing to the rose. Go down and click on the rose to get it now that it’s all shiny. Once that’s done go up and jump on the back of the Sphinx then jump up to the pomegranate tree to get the pomegranates.


Go right and keep going right until you get to the Grove of Temples. Go inside the building with music notes on it. Head right while in the music place (that’s what I’m calling it) and click on the pot of reed pipes to get a reed pipe. Go out of the music place and walk off the cliff to go down to Hades’ Temple. Talk to the boy there that’s doing cleaning (he’s not doing a very good job) and he’ll ask you to help him clean Hades’ Temple for a drachma. To clean the temple for, him click on the graffiti, then click and hold while moving the cursor over the graffiti.


Once that’s done go inside Hades’ Temple and use the pomegranates to place them on the altar next to the door. Go through the door you just opened and then jump down the hole. Once you’re at the bottom jump onto the boat and talk to the ferryman. He will take you across the River Styx to get to the entrance to Hades’ Throne Room.


To get across the River Styx go to the front of the boat (about right in front of the ferryman) so you don’t have to worry about the falling rocks. To avoid the crocodiles (I’m not sure what they are) and the skulls just jump at the right time but make sure you don’t fall into the river when jumping. When you get to the other side Cerberus will be there.


To put Cerberus to sleep whip out your reed pipe and play the combination: blue, green, yellow, blue, red and green. Once he’s asleep click on him to get his whisker, then you’re free to leave the Underworld (that means you have to leave the Underworld). Once you’re out of the temple go to the right and jump on he rock that goes up and down. Go up and then go into Poseidon’s Temple. Use the starfish as an offering and the door will open. Go through the door.


Go left a little bit and talk to Aphrodite (the one with the mirror). She will give you something if you pass a test. These are the answers:

  1. Ares
  2. Hermes
  3. Aphrodite
  4. Artemis
  5. Hestia
  6. Apollo

Aphrodite will give you a mirror when you pass the test. It may seem like a stupid prize but it can take you to the realms of the major gods if you’ve already been there. Now head left into the water and go down the hole underneath the statue.


Go through the underwater maze which leads to the hydra’s cave and a pearl which is nearby the cave entrance. Get the pearl from the clam and then go into the cave. To defeat the hydra wait until one of it’s heads goes up and looks stupid. When that happens jump up and when the head goes down land on it to knock that head out. Do this with all the other heads.


Once all the heads are knocked out click on the hydra and you will get the hydra scale. Now to get the Minotaur’s ring. Use the mirror and then click on the lightning bolt to take a shortcut instead of running through a lot of scenes. Go all the way to the left to get to the Labyrinth. Whip out your reed pipe (again) and play the colors on the door in a clockwise direction-blue, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red, blue, green.


Talk to the Minotaur then go into the Labyrinth. Athena will give you a golden thread (ooohhhh it’s shiny!) to help you find your way. You will find a satyr’s ghost and he will help you if you talk to him. Jump up above him to the bones. The puzzle says: Fifteen bones of ancient men, take bake six but still leave ten.

What you’re meant to do is take away the six bones to make the bones spell the word ten (personally this is one of my favourite puzzles in the game). Continue through the Labyrinth and avoid the scorpion by waiting for him at the left wall and when he comes close jump over him. Continue on through the Labyrinth. When you’re out of the maze you will see this:


Click on it and you will have to do another puzzle. Catch the red eyed snake three times. Catch it by clicking on it’s head or it won’t work. You will know when you’ve caught it because it will open it’s mouth and hiss differently to the other snakes. Now that you have all five items, go back to the Tree of Immortality and Athena will be waiting for you. She will talk to you and you have to rearrange the clues. Rearrange them so they say: Whoever wields the five sacred objects will rule all of Poptropica!

Zeus will appear and take the five objects. Athena then tells you to get Hercules to help you get to Hades and Poseidon. Go to the main street and go inside Herc’s Hero Hut. Once there go to the right and talk to Hercules. He will agree to come with you. Your mirror will automatically pop up. Click on the trident to go to Poseidon. Hercules will get rid of the rock that’s blocking your path and you can go to Poseidon by entering the palace.


Talk to Poseidon and he will give you his trident. Now go back outside and talk to Hercules. The mirror will pop up again and now you click on the skull. Hercules will move the boulder out of the way and you can now go into Hades’ Palace. Talk to Hades and he will give you his crown.


Now go back outside and talk to Hercules. The mirror will pop up once again and now you click on the lightning bolt (again) to go to the gate to Mt Olympus. Hercules will break the lock and you’re free to pass. There will be a snake but Hercules goes to take care of it and it turns out to be Medusa. Hercules (I’ve typed his name so many times) gets turned into stone and Medusa leaves. If you talk to Hercules he will say he got what he always wanted: a statue on Mt Olympus.


Head to the left until you get to a guy selling bags of wind. Use the drachma (finally we use it) to buy a bag of wind. Use the bag of wind to help you get up the top of Mt Olympus. Once you’re there go up and you will see that there is no light. To light up all the statues run all the way to the right and Zeus will appear.

Now you have to defeat him by shooting lightning bolts at him but watch out for his own ones. Also watch out for his wind attack. When his health is at about halfway he will start creating a shield around himself and balls of lightning. Avoid the balls of lightning by going in a circle. when his is about three quarters down in health he will have a charge attack. Avoid this. Once he is defeated he will give the items back.


Athena will now appear and give you the island medallion for defeating Zeus and completing the island.