Mystery of the Map

Walkthrough written by Shaky Skunk.

Jump off the Poptropica blimp, and you’ll find yourself on a tropical island in the Vikings period. Start walking right. Optionally, you can pick up two copies of the Poptropica graphic novels outside of the Vikings’ Grotto.


Continue going right, and you’ll meet Octavian, who’s stuck up a tree. He’ll throw you a corner of the Map.


This isn’t any ordinary map — it can teleport you to any of the areas by selecting it.

Mystery of the Map Island Map

Open the map and select the camp. Dig the Shovel out of the sand, and head back to the jungle. Once there, go right, until you end up at the beach.


Walk to the pile of sand, and use the shovel. You’ll dig up a nifty Battle Axe. Make your way back to the jungle.


Go over to the tree that Octavian’s stuck in, and use the battle ax to chop it down. When the tree hits the ground, talk to Octavian, grabbing the Rope on your way.


Octavian will say that the rest of the map was stolen by his travelling companions, and suspects they’re selling it at the Viking fort.


Teleport to the fortress, and go to the pile of trash (Ew!). In the dump, take the shiny Goblet, which will be useful later on.


No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to enter the fortress. You’ll have to sneak in by making a moat to the garbage chute.

So, travel to the waterfall, and swim in the water. Use your goblet to capture one of the fish. Now, go to the Dodos area.


The dodos will attack anyone who comes too close to their nests, so you’ll need to distract them. Use the goblet to lure them to where all the skeletons are.


Jump to the top of their nests, and steal the shimmering Lens.


Now, go back to the campsite, and you’ll notice that the viking guarding the area has dozed off. Nab the bag of Gun Powder lying next to the supplies.


Make your way back to the waterfall, and climb to the top of it. Place down the gunpowder, then the rope. Use the lens to set off an explosion, causing a giant rockslide, which will re-direct the entire river.

Go to the fortress, and use the battle axe to chop down the tree. Now you can enter through the garbage chute.


A Viking will demand you to serve the Vikings at the table their drinks. Grab the bucket of Drippings from the fireplace, then get the tray on the table.

Give the big Viking a drink, then take the Furs hanging off his chair. Serve the drinks to the remaining Vikings, then grab the tray again, but this time, use the goblet to put it on your tray.

Go left and enter Erik the Red’s throne. He’ll accuse the Vikings of stealing his goblet, and just wants someone to confess, no judgement. He’ll close his eyes and count to 10, and expect someone to put down the goblet.


Pass the drinks to the other Vikings, but unfortunately for Thorlak, he’ll be given the goblet, so he’ll look like the traitor and will be asked to leave.

Erik will throw off his Helmet in rage. Pick it up on the way to the exit.


Go right to the pig pen, and you’ll see Octavian demanding a piece of the map from three kids from the novel: Mya, Oliver and Jorge. You’ll hide in a bale of hay. When he gets the map, he’ll put on a Viking disguise and run away, despite the kids asking for him to unlock the cage.

A guard will come in the room and tease a pig. Pour the bucket of drippings on him, and he’ll be chased by a stampede of pigs. Serves him right!

Go to the cage and use your trusty battle axe to break the lock. Jorge will reward you with an eaten Candy Bar.


But you’ll need a disguise for the four of you to leave. Use the Viking helmet and fur coat to put it on Oliver and Jorge.


Your goal is to get the four of you to the other side of the room. Wait for Oliver to tilt fowards, then walk forwards, and wait for him to tilt again. If he tilts in the opposite direction, walk backwards. Repeat this until you reach the other side of the room. That is, if you don’t get caught by the guards…


Afterwards, just as you’re about the escape the room, you’ll be busted by the big Viking.


You and the gang will exit through the garbage chute, and use the log as a boat.


You’ll control the boat, and you’ll have about a minute to avoid being hit by the boulders that the big Viking throws. Try staying at the left side of the screen, so you can see when the Viking is going to appear.

If you get hit 4 times, you’ll have to start over. Each boulder knocks out one of the characters. You’ll escape by falling down a waterfall.

When you land on the beach, you’ll find Octavian, who will refuse to hand over the map, having everyone be trapped on this island. To stop him, throw the candy bar that Jorge gave you earlier at him. The Dodos will chase him, since they love food.


He’ll drop the map, and the trio will offer you to join their adventures. But since you’ve got your own adventures in store, you’ll decline. Mya will give you the Island Medallionand some credits, in case you never meet again. Congratulations, you’ve finished Mystery of the Map Island! Farewell, Mya, Oliver, and Jorge…