Lunar Colony

Walkthrough written by Shaky Skunk.

Go right to Mission Control, and enter the Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration (PASE). Talk to the old man, and Flight Director Slayton will come. He’ll ask you to get something to calm Hatcher’s (the astronaut) stomach.


Go back to the Cape Carpenter, and grab the bottle of Ginger Ale on the astronaut’s table.


Return to Mission Control, and take the elevator to the spaceship.


Go inside the spaceship, and give the sick astronaut the ginger ale, and he’ll feel better. He’ll leave the ship and lock you in. Pick up the mic, and Slayton will speak to you.

You’ll have to replace Hatcher, since he chickened out, but you don’t know how to fly a spaceship. Don’t worry, he’ll give you instructions.


The first thing you’ll want to do is strap yourself in! Next, adjust each booster rocket to 4,150 pounds of thrust. When fuel tank 1 reaches 5%, switch tanks and release. Then, to clear Earth’s atmosphere, pull the steering mechanism to adjust your angle to 112 degrees.

Finally, release fuel tank 2 when it reaches 5%, and enjoy the view! Your mission is to find Commander Salerno, but be warned, she’s– Oh no, asteroids! Using the mouse, steer clear of any asteroids, or your spaceship will be destroyed.


But don’t act too confident yet; the first asteroid damaged the fuel tank! Carefully walk over to the toolkit. You only have a limited amount of hose.


Repair the damaged part of the spaceship at the bottom, by spreading glue on it. There, that should do the trick!

The spaceship will be set on autopilot, but you’ll have to land the lunar lander. Use the cursor to rotate the lunar lander and hold the mouse button to use the boost. Keep your speed and angle under control and make sure to land on the landing site.


You’ll now the first kid to land on the moon! Go right, and enter the air lock. Then, enter the Vehicle Bay.


Go up to the open locker, and take the Operator’s Manual, then leave.


Enter the Barracks, and grab the Notebook on bed 8.


Optionally, you can collect Salerno’s Photo Album by clicking on the open hatch near the bed.


Open the manual, and read the code for reboot. Type the code on the computer, which is on the floor above.

Drag the blue lever to the top to open the doors to the inner airlock.


Go back to the lockers in the Vehicle Bay. Jump to the platform on the left, and press the button with the sun on it. The ceiling will move, letting some sunlight in. Move the light, so it reflects on the light across it. Then move that light, so it reflects onto the light on the left. Finally, move that light, so the sunlight reaches the rover.


The rover will be fully charged. Enter the rover, and you’ll start driving away.



Drive to the Research Laboratory, which is located in the top right-hand corner.

You’ll see a giant meteor blocking the entrance. Take the hook from the back of your rover, and connect it to the meteor.


The rover will pull the meteor away, allowing you to enter the lab. Once you’re inside the lab, go to the eye-colour changing station, and change your eye colour to purple.


Go to the top of the laboratory, and enter the experimental pressure chamber. Pull the lever down to set the pressure to high, and you’ll look like a pancake for a while.

Squeeze through the gap between the crates and the wall in the bottom left-hand corner, and go through the door to the Infirmary.


You’ll now be in a circular maze. Walk left, and attach yourself to the hose to move. Be warned, you only have a limited amount of hose.


The purple barriers can be passed through. Jump through the barrier above the hose, then the top left, top centre, the one above the trash can, pass the orange seat and go left, go right, drop down, and you’ll be in the maintenance shaft.

Press the hose against the vent, and a Locator Device will pop out.


On the left will be a Bio-Waste door, which you can exit through. Leave the lab, and enter your rover.

Go to the Bio Dome, which is in the bottom left-hand corner. Salerno will be inside. Upon entering the dome, you’ll notice that there’s zero gravity.

Get a cork from the emergency cork dispenser, and place it in the pipe above. Do the same for the rest of the pipes, and make sure they don’t blow you away.


After blocking all 5 pipes, go up the ladder. Click on Salerno’s feet, and she’ll come out of her hiding spot.


Commander Salerno will say that she can’t come home yet, not when she’s so close to finding the last alien structure. Refusing to budge, she’ll flee out of the escape door.


Grab the Key Card in the right corner, and exit the building. You’ll chase Salerno in your rover all the way to the Rock Laboratory.


Set the platforms to go all the way down, then set them to go up to the top floor.


On the way, you can check out these experimental moon rock stations.

There’s the Purification Station…

…next, there’s the Pulverisation Station…

…then there’s the Incineration Station…

…And finally, there’s the Granulisation Station.

Once you get to the top floor, enter the door.

It turns out Salerno tricked you by attaching her locator device to a robot. Go to the top left platform and uncover the Geiger counter.

Go to the poles and push the one on the left to create a ramp. Push the Gieger counter down the ramp, and enter the rover.


Drive to where the purple “X” is, and examine it.


Take the hook and attach it to the purple rock.


The rover will drive away, revealing the rock to be a purple alien structure! It will shine a bright beam of light.


Enter the rover, and drive to where the blue and red beams join. Click to enter the ‘X’.


Go to the dirt pile where the lights cross, and Salerno will try to dig there. The ground will shake, and both of you will fall in.

A weird door thing will open. Walk right, and Salerno will be behind you. Eventually, you’ll come across this thing:


Click on the switch on the right to see what it does.


The ground will start shaking again, and the weird thing will turn out to be a portal to the alien world. Salerno will jump into the portal, and Slayton will take you home.


The girl will tell you that Salerno never stopped exploring, and the man will get a transmission. Salerno will hold a sign saying “Mission Accomplished”!


Director McNabb will tell you that more people have been interested in space, and the government will start funding PASE again! He’ll award you with the Island Medallionand some credits. Yippee!


Bonus Quest


But wait, there’s more! A new transmission has been received. You’ll need to decode the latest message and unlock the secret to an alien world.

They’ll think that the retired (and long dead since 1954) computer scientist Alan Turing can help decode the messages. You’ll receive the Alien Codes.


Go left to the Cape Carpenter and take the shuttle bus (located in front of the gift shop) to Shady Pines Retirement Village.


Ring the buzzer at the door, and you’ll notice that Alan’s name is in code.


Alan Turing’s name is an anagram, so click the name with the same letters as him, until it rearranges into his name. (SPOILER: it’s “Grant Luina“.)


Once you’ve found it, ring the 3A buzzer.


He’ll agree to help, but he’ll need your assistance, since his eyes aren’t what they used to be. Talk to Alan to begin deciphering the codes.

  • The letters on the slide rule are in pattern based on the frequency the message came on.
  • First you choose a letter on the slide rule, for instance “A”.
  • Then click on a space in the cipher pattern to reveal a possible place where “A” is in the message.
  • Arranging the letters on the cipher in an elementary pattern should reveal the message.
  • If you need help, click on the help button on the printer to get [Alan’s] attention.

As you locate what each letter would look like when it’s decoded, the message will decode. You’ll soon have a decoded message.


You’ll need to print and decode a total of four messages. Here are the answers:

  1. Fourteen minutes thirty-nine seconds / Right ascension / Minus sixty degrees / Fifty minutes declination
  2. Five hours fifty-five minutes / Right ascension / Seven degrees / Twenty-four minutes declination
  3. Six minutes forty-five seconds / Right ascension / Minus sixteen degrees / Forty two minutes declination
  4. Two minutes thirty-one seconds / Right ascension / Eighty-nine degrees / Fifteen minutes declination

Congratulations, you’ve finished the Lunar Colony bonus quest!