There are so many costume parts in Poptropica, so many possible outfits to wear – if you think you’re feeling stuck with your looks in Poptropica, why not check the compendium of fashionable costumes you can easily make in Pop?

Special thanks to Clawtropica, Poptropica Skunk Blog and People of Poptropica.

Black Canary

By White Ice


Head: The bangs are on the Vampire Girl 3 costume and the locks are on the Vampire Girl 1 costume.

Face: The luscious lip gloss is on the Prom Queen outfit available in the store.

Body: The leather jacket can be obtained from the Biker Girl outfit in the store. The Black pants can be added from anywhere.  And the top can be found on the Vampire Countess costume.

Coffee Fairy

By Silver Tornado
Hair: From the Fairy Queen costume from the store.ffffffff.png
Shirt: From the Member’s Only Icarus costume. If you’re not a member, get it from the ASG (icarusasg#1).
Lips: Get the lips from the Ninja Warrior costume from the store.
Pants: Get black pants from any Poptropican, or the Biker costume from the store.
Sword: ASG (nyxasg).

The Rest: Customize from Silver Tornado’s (lotusgirl3)’s closet.


By Lucky Joker

POP Blog Fashion Fridays Week 2

  • Head: A bald head is easy to obtain on Poptropica. No need to reveal your concealed baldness, after organising a secret organisation, stealing the hair of innocent Poptropicans and threatening to ravish all of the hair of Poptropica. All you have to do is go to Cryptids Island and costumize as the guy standing in front of the General Store holding the soccer ball.
  • Face: ASG the mechanic face with- BinaryBard97 ASGing the mechanic face will be the first thing you want to do, then costumize the Binary Bard costume away. Any frown works for this.
  • Body: The shoulder wear and “shirt” can be obtained from the Game Show Robot in the store. The pants can be found on the Midnight Red Ninja in the store for a limited time only!

DarkNinjaKnightDark Ninja Knight – Version 1

By Skull

Mask: Get the mask from the Midnight Ninja costume, which can be bought at the store.
Chestpiece: Get the chestpiece from the Dark Astro Knight costume.
Scabbard: Get the scabbard from the expensive Templar Knight costume, or from somewhere else.
Pants: Get the pants from the Midnight Red Ninja costume, or just get a pair from a randomly generated character on Early Poptropica Main Street.
Cape: If you’re a boy, get the Earth Astro Knight cape from the store. If you’re a girl, you can either change your gender, use an ASG, or just nab the green cape from Sir Cador. Alternatively, you can use the Heart Astro Knight cape.

DarkNinjaKnight2.jpgDark Ninja Knight – Version 2

By Skull

Mask: Get the mask from the Midnight Ninja costume, which can be bought at the store.
Chestpiece: Get the chestpiece from the Dark Astro Knight costume.
Scabbard: Get the scabbard from the expensive Templar Knight costume, or from somewhere else.
Pants: Get the pants from the Midnight Red Ninja costume, or just get a pair from a randomly generated character on Early Poptropica Main Street.
Cape: Buy the Templar Knight costume at the store to get the cape.

Dead Astronautblog

  • Hair: Get the hair from the girl dressed up as a popstar in Super Power Island. She can be found in front of the Comic Shop.
  • Mouth: Get the mouth from the police woman in front of the Masks & Capes shop in Super Power Island.
  • Clothes: The Astronaut costume in the store.
  • Wings: The Angel costume in the store.
  • Effects: Use the Phantom effect to make your character transparent. To make her more transparent, use the blue Electrify effect.


  • Hair: Vampire Girl 3, Store (275 credits)disgust.png
  • Bangs: Prom Queen, Store (275 credits)
  • Marks: ASG *cloud*6.
  • Mouth: Assistant Director (the woman in purple), Back Lot Island
  • Scarf: Cowgirl, Store (275 credits)
  • Dress: ASG tinkertorch.



blog.pngGothic Schoolgirl

  • Eyes:: Get the eye bags and bangs from the Gothic Cheerleader costume in the store.
  • Fringe: You can get the fringe from the male or female Rock Star 2 costume.
  • Hair: Get the ponytail from the female Soccer Player costume, that can be purchased at the store.
  • Mouth: You can use any slanted mouth or one that resembles a frown.
  • Shirt: Get the shirt and tie from the Rock Singer
  • Pants: Get the pants and belt from the Vampire Girl 2 costume in the store.


  • Facial Fur: Get the facial fur from the Werewolf Boy/Girl costume.
    Ears: Get the ears from the Minotaur in Mythology Island.
  • Nose: Steal the nose and whiskers from my costume closet.
  • Mouth: Get the mouth from thehypnotised missing kids on 24 Carrot Island.
  • Torso: Get the body from the Minotaur in Mythology Island.
  • Tail: Get the tail from one of the numerous fauns in Mythology Island.

Harley Quinn

By Silver Tornadopopsenpai

  • Head: This is obtained, when you buy the “Cheerleader” in the store.
  • Face: You’re going to need to colourize your skin to be white. Get the eye makeup from “Vampire Girl 1”. The lips are worn by one of our authors, Zany Panda. Her username is UnitatoGirl, so feel free to add her!
  • Neck: For this, we’re just going to ignore the fact that Poptropicans don’t have necks. You can acquire this awesome choker by adding Zany Panda on Poptropica. You can also get this from Sickly Skull on Reality TV Island if you want to.
  • Body: This defiant top can be costumized from the Devil Girl costume. The purple skirt can be found in the “New You”. The belt can also be found on Zany Panda.
  • Hand: The bat is from the Baseball Batter currently available in the store.

Headless Zombie Pirate

  • Hyper_Gamer_Halloween_Costume.pngPumpkin head from Pumpkin Head card, middle one.
  • Zombify from Haunted House mini quest.
  • Cape from Capes ‘n’ Cowls card, middle one.
  • Shirt and Belt from Skullduggery Pirate card, blue color.
  • Pants from Skull Pirate card.
  • Sword is The Bolt from Legendary Swords.

Hyper Gamer

By Hyper Gamer2

  • Hat from 24 Carrot- From guy standing in front of the gas station.
  • Glasses from Shrink Ray- From a randomized NPC standing in front of the school.
  • Camera from Home Island- From girl standing in front of the photo booth.
  • Shirt and Pants from Night Watch- From guy standing in line next to water cooler.
  • Music Pod from Lunar Colony- From boy standing next to Final Frontier Gift Shop.


By Happy Lobster

  • Hair: Mythology Surfer (male edition), Store (275 credits). If you are a girl, ASG any boy.
    account to access the male costumes in the store.
  • Bangs: New You, Home Island.
  • Mouth: April Fool, Store (275 credits).
  • Dress: Rock Girl (retired Store costume). To access this dress, simply ASG‘GreenRockGirlASG’.

blogOld Man Ballerina

By Shaky Skunk

  • Use the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift to change your character’s gender so you can buy the Magician or Swan Ballerina costume. (You can change it back anytime you want.)
  • Hair: Get the hair from the Swan Ballerina costume.
  • Eye: You can get the closed eye from my closet. (Username: BigYummyCandyApple)
  • Facial Hair: Get the moustache and beard from the Magician outfit.
  • Mouth: Use any mouth, or the one from my closet.
  • Clothes: Get the tutu and tights from the Swan Ballerina costume.
  • Effects: Use the Love Potion and get the Heart follower from the Followers Classic Pack.

blog.pngPreppy Girl

By Shaky Skunk

  • Hair: Get the hair from the Vampire Girl 2 costume at the store.
  • Earrings: Get the earrings and hair from the Pop Star costume.
  • Mouth: You can use the mouth from the Angel costume, or any happy mouth with lips.
  • Tank: Get the tank top from the female Mythology Surfer costume.
  • Skirt: Use any skirt, or get the one from the Gothic Cheerleader costume.

blogPurple Claw

By Purple Claw

  • Hat: Get the aviator hat from the pilot in Nabooti Island.
  • Makeup: Get the makeup from the Zaggy Moondust costume.
  • Mouth: You can get a smiling mouth from pretty much any Poptropican walking on the streets.
  • Jacket: Customise Purple Claw’s (donatloul) jacket by adding him as a friend.
  • Clothes: Get both the shirt and pants from the Bigfoot Fanatic costume, which can be bought at the store.
  • Animals: Use the PHB’s Avatar Studio Glitch to get the owl and dog (AnimalASG).


By Happy Lobster

  • Hair: New You, Home Island.
  • Glasses: The girl next to the Photo Booth (Home Island) OR Hemlock Inn woman (Ghost Story).
  • Shirt: New You, Home Island.
  • Mouth: Lumberjerk costume (male edition), Store. This store item is not available anymore, so if you do not have this item, the mouth can be found in the New You, Home Island.

Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated

By People Of Poptropica

  • Fred Jones: hair from man in line in front of Night Watch mall, handkerchief from the cowgirl in the casino of Dos Cactos (Wild West), shirt from randomized NPC on Early Poptropica
  • Daphne Blake: Most of this outfit can be found by randomizing the dummies in the “New You” shop on Home Island. The green handkerchief is on a boy waiting in line on Poptropicon Island, episode 1.
  • Velma Dinkley: hair from girl on top of Wayside Motel (Reality TV), glasses from randomized NPC, orange shirt in julian0608’s closet, skirt from Sickly Skull on Reality TV
  • Shaggy: hair from Mythology Surfer (Store costume), smile from WillyWonkaASG, green shirt from man in front of Berts’s Bed & Breakfast (Cryptids)
  • Scooby Doo: ears from undefineddummy (add to your friends), puppy costume in the Store (brown for snout and body, black for tail, bone from either)


Shaky Skunk

By Shaky Skunk


  • Hair: Get the bangs from the male Rock Star 2 costume, and the hair from the Mythology Surfer costume. Both can be bought at the store.
  • Makeup: Get the makeup from the Rock Star 2 costume,
  • Mouth: You can get the mouth by purchasing any Popgum flavour, but I prefer the Psychedlic Flavour.
  • Clothes: Get the jacket from the Biker outfit, and get the shirt from the Psychedelic Shirt, which can both be found at the store. Get the belt and pants from anyone.
  • Shark Fin: Get the shark fin from the Hammerhead Shark costume.
  • Rose: Use the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift to get the rose (*cloud*5).

Super Girl

By Kaliscene


Head: The bands are on the Prom Queen costume, and the hair is found on the Vampire Costume 1.

Face: The blush is found on the Cheerleader outfit, and the lipstick can be found on the female Zaggy Moondust outfit.

Neck: The red cape is available in “Masks and Capes” on Super Power Island.

Body: The shirt can be costumized from any given Poptropican on say, Early Poptropica Island. Reload and reload your screen to find it. The skirt is also found on the Cheerleader outfit.

The Edgy Goat

By Shaky Skunk


  • Hair: Get the bangs from the Rock Star 2 costume, which can be bought at the store.
  • Horns & Knife: Get the horns and knife from the PHB’s Avatar Studio Gift (NPC:Keith’sChristmasPresent11).
  • Makeup: You can get the eye makeup from the Queen of Egypt costume, which can be bought from the store.
  • Mouth: You can get the mouth by buying any Popgum at the store, but I prefer the Spooktacular Flavour.
  • Clothes: Get the cravat and pants from the Member’s Only Ringmaster costume. (Or use theringmasterasg). Get the suit from the Magician costume. You can get the belt from the Biker costume. The cape can be found at Monster Carnival Island, worn by the Ringmaster.
  • Effects: This is optional, but you can buy the Torch effect from the store. And if you’re a member, you can get the Dryad Follower for free.

The God of Dead Waters

By Comical Mosquito


  • Crown and Trident: On the middle of your playthrough through the island Hades gives you his crown and Poseidon his trident.
  • Poseidon’s Parts: Take his neckless, pants and change your hair color.
  • Hades’ Parts: Take his belt, his shirt his cape (optional) and change your skin color.
  • Mouth: Get the mouth from Hades.


For more costumes, check out the PHB’s Costumes page, and browse through our Saturday Style posts. Enjoy the costumes!