Boredom Breakers


Poptropica is a fun game to play, but when you’ve completed all the islands and you’re just wandering about Pop, it can get pretty boring. So, here are some fun things to do in Poptropica to boost your enthusiasm levels!

  1. Replay already completed islands.
  2. Jump on all the windowsills in Early Poptropica.
  3. Jump on all the windowsills in Time Tangled.
  4. Knock off all the flowerpots on the windowsills in Early Poptropica.
  5. Make your own dream Realm.
  6. Visit the public Realms.
  7. Paint whatever you want on the artist’s easel on Counterfeit.
  8. Play the computer game in the Web Café on Counterfeit.
  9. Pose as a model in the photo booth in Twin Palms Mall on Night Watch.
  10. Visit every single common room on Poptropica.
  11. Make a multiverse, and chat, battle and friend new Poptropicans.
  12. Get your Poptropican their own signature look.
  13. Try to make your Poptropican look as much as you in real life.
  14. Read the Reality TV Island tabloid PopTopics.
  15. Play the “Planet Slug Game” on the your phone on Night Watch.
  16. Play the games from the Daily Pop.
  17. Read the comics from the Daily Pop.
  18. Have fun playing with snazzy hair colours in the Colourizer, from the Store or Home Island.
  19. On Game Show Island, press the red button on Main Street over and over again, to annoy the robot cop.
  20. On Reality TV Island, jump on the blades of the helicopter. See the fun effect that happens!
  21. Bounce on bouncy surfaces in Poptropica (e.g. the couches in the Carrot King Diner, 24 Carrot Island).
  22. With the Flower Power (from the store), lay a flower at the grave of Fiona (Ghost Story), at the mausoleum and the graves outside it (Vampire’s Curse), and the graves in the Haunted House mini-quest. Or for that matter, go crazy and lay them everywhere!
  23. Get the Whoopzie! cushion (from the Store), lay them in a row, anywhere in Poptropica, and then walk across them! Have fun hearing all the fart-like sounds.
  24. Get the Burnt Orange Tan Power (from the Store), and click on other Poptropicans on an island or a Multiverse, so they get the crispy tan.
  25. Get the Troll card (from the Store), and click on other Poptropicans on an island or a Multiverse, so they turn to stone.
  26. ASG *cloud*35, and then press spacebar, so that colourful, musical trees sprout from the ground.
  27. On Game Show Island, visit the Club Nouveau Riche building, and face off against a robot in a pool match.
  28. Get a balloon from the clown shop in Counterfeit, or from the Demo Area in PoptropiCon, Ep. 2, and jump around the island with it! You’ll be able to jump much higher than you would without the balloon.
  29. Read all the comic strips in the Klassic Komix store on Main Street, on Big Nate Island.
  30. Buy any Follower from the Store, and play an island quest with it! The journey is always better with a friend. 😉
  31. Play Mancala against the old man outside the cave at the Mountains of the Moon, Nabooti Island.
  32. Pose your Poptropican with cool backgrounds with the Portrait Printer (from the Store), and print it!

That’s all for now. Check back later, and there may be more added!