Welcome to A Quota of Poptropica! This popping site was founded on September 2 by Happy Lobster.

This blog has the same general aim as all Poptropica blogs – to provide you with the latest news and updates about Poptropica, alongside some more fun segments, and in our case, they would be our Weekly Specials, which consists of four different presentations. Occasionally, there may also be items posted in AQoP such as Top 5 lists, conspiracy theories, blog and Poptropica surveys, and endless more post topics.

Heading over to the menu bar just below the header, you’ll notice a whole host of pages, all of which being about both the blog and Poptropica. All of them are filled up with useful and interesting information, so why not go and visit them?

AQoP also has a mascot, called Kobold the Pixie.


You might have noticed that our blog’s logo shows a Realms pixie. The mascot, as you also might have noticed, looks quite similar to a Realms pixie.

But why is it called Kobold the Pixie? Well, look at the distinctive cap that our mascot is wearing. Doesn’t it look familiar? The exact same cap is worn by the goblins in the island of Twisted Thicket. In German folklore, there are creatures called kobolds, small, mischievous, humanoid beings, being very similar to goblins.


Well, we hope you’ll enjoy A Quota of Poptropica, and its posts and pages. Keep popping, Poptropicans.

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