Avatar Studio Glitch


The Avatar Studio Glitch is a glitch in Poptropica which enables you to access and wear rare costume parts in Poptropica. Below are the steps to perform this glitch.

  1. Log into the Poptropica account you want to change the costume of.
  2. Open the Poptropica Avatar Studio in another tab.
  3. Close the Poptropica tab.
  4. Go to the Avatar Studio tab. In the username box, type up a below username
  5. Re-open the Poptropica tab (Ctrl+Shift+T), and you should have the full costume of the account you typed in the Avatar Studio.


  • This will completely change the current outfit you originally had on. 
  • If your gender is not the same as the Avatar Studio account, your gender will be the same as the Avatar Studio account when you perform the glitch.
  • This glitch only works on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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