The Origin of Ice Puns… Is here!

Hey guys! It’s time for another author to arrive. It’s pretty unusual for a blog to only have 3 authors, so well, here I am 😛 3 has now become 4!

I’m White Ice, and most of you probably already know me from the POP blog and the PSB, and I’m also usually on on Discord. I’m pretty famous among the community, if I do say so myself! (jk) 😉

So, a few things about me-
1. I’m a major fangirl (the book/movie nerd type)
2. I get irritated very easily, so sorry in advance
3. I’m the definition of procrastinator.
4. My favourite food is Shawarma/Doner. Yum!
5. I have around 20 TV shows on my to-be-watched list.
6. I’m 13 years old, I’ve been playing Poptropica since 2009. I joined the community only in June, 2016 though.

If any of you read books as much as I do like The Hunger Games, well, you know where to find me! Or perhaps are movie/TV show fans, of some fandoms like the MCU, DCEU, popular TV shows etc as well.

I’m wanderesa on Discord, and you can add me on Poptropica at maryamkamal2197.

Until next time,

-White Ice 246418129440342017 (1).png