Saturday Style: Week 4


Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, and welcome to AQoP’s Saturday Style! So, Inside Out’s costumes have all been completed here, so this time, we’re moving on to Harry Potter costumes, which most (should be all, though) of you would know about: a best-selling fantasy book series about the adventures of a young wizard of which the series has been named after.

From other Poptropica-based blogs, you may have already seen several costume renditions of some major characters from the series. But this time, AQoP will show you some costumes of characters that haven’t been in the spotlight so much, but still reasonably well-known.

Sybill Trelawneypopst.png

  • Hair: the members-only female Cyclops costume, Store / ASG rosemoji36
  • Glasses: the woman outside the photobooth, Home Island (which currently, for a limited time, has been replaced by the Valentine girl) / Hemlock Harbor Inn woman
  • Bangs: costumize off the hipster-dressed woman in PoptropiCon, Episode 2 / ASG mtdancerASG
  • Mouth: ASG *cloud*1
  • Scarf: Scheherazade at the end of Arabian Nights, Episode 3 / ASG iPop#8
  • Shirt: costumize off the dummy WKF_Dummy_SausageSmasher
  • Belt: ASG mtdancerASG

Xenophilius Lovegoodxenolpop.png

  • Hair: ASG earl-grey2 / Magnus Chase in the Ad Transporter
  • Mouth: ASG iPop#21
  • Necklace: costumize off the hipster-dressed woman in PoptropiCon, Episode 2
  • Sash: Fish kimono (out of the three kimonos item), Red Dragon Island


And those are this week’s costumes; enjoy them! Two new Harry Potter costumes will be out next Saturday Style, so see you then!



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