Saturday Style: Week 5


Hey there, Poptropicans!

Welcome to yet another round of Saturday Style; the second round of Harry Potter!

Bellatrix Lestrangebellatrix

  • Hair/Belt: Frankenstein’s Bride, Store (275 credits)
  • Bangs #1: Boy with headphones, Main Street of Lunar Colony
  • Bangs #2: Gothic Cheerleader, Store (275 credits)
  • Dress: Vampire Countess (iPop) / ASG dizzydancers3

Delphini Riddle (from HP #8, the Cursed Child)

  • Hair: Female dancers in Chicago, during the Mademoiselle Moreau chase, Mystery Traindelphini.png
  • Earrings/Blush/Mouth: Female peasant in blue, Main Street of Mythology Island
  • Bangs: Prom Queen, Store (275 credits)
  • Cloak: Friend the dummy WKF_Dummy_BFGprize, and costumize
  • Shirt: Enter the ID sponsornannymcphee into the Shirt slot, via iPop or M.A.P.
  • Belt: Vampire Girl 3, Store (275 credits)



Saturday Style: Week 4


Hey there, Poptropicans!

It’s Happy Lobster, and welcome to AQoP’s Saturday Style! So, Inside Out’s costumes have all been completed here, so this time, we’re moving on to Harry Potter costumes, which most (should be all, though) of you would know about: a best-selling fantasy book series about the adventures of a young wizard of which the series has been named after.

From other Poptropica-based blogs, you may have already seen several costume renditions of some major characters from the series. But this time, AQoP will show you some costumes of characters that haven’t been in the spotlight so much, but still reasonably well-known.

Sybill Trelawneypopst.png

  • Hair: the members-only female Cyclops costume, Store / ASG rosemoji36
  • Glasses: the woman outside the photobooth, Home Island (which currently, for a limited time, has been replaced by the Valentine girl) / Hemlock Harbor Inn woman
  • Bangs: costumize off the hipster-dressed woman in PoptropiCon, Episode 2 / ASG mtdancerASG
  • Mouth: ASG *cloud*1
  • Scarf: Scheherazade at the end of Arabian Nights, Episode 3 / ASG iPop#8
  • Shirt: costumize off the dummy WKF_Dummy_SausageSmasher
  • Belt: ASG mtdancerASG

Xenophilius Lovegoodxenolpop.png

  • Hair: ASG earl-grey2 / Magnus Chase in the Ad Transporter
  • Mouth: ASG iPop#21
  • Necklace: costumize off the hipster-dressed woman in PoptropiCon, Episode 2
  • Sash: Fish kimono (out of the three kimonos item), Red Dragon Island


And those are this week’s costumes; enjoy them! Two new Harry Potter costumes will be out next Saturday Style, so see you then!


Thursday Topping: Most Beautiful Scenes in Poptropica


Hey there, Poptropicans!

I’m Happy Lobster, and since Valentines’ is just round the corner, I’ve got a new Tuesday (or rather Thursday) Topping, suited for the occasion, for you to read, and (hopefully) enjoy. So, in the many calm – and some absolutely haywire – islands of Poptropica, some scenes look simply amazing and picturesque. In fact, there are many of these kind of scenes all around. Thus, I’ve selected the best five of these, the most beautiful of all beauty in Poptropica.

You should also note that these are solely-opinion based, so there’s no need to take it too seriously. And with that said, let’s pop straight into these art critiques!

#5: Woods Clearing, Monster Carnival Island


Quite a spooky scene. The colouring of the sky, the way that the trees have been twisted and shaded, sets for a rather eerie picture, though absolutely beautiful (though maybe it isn’t the best space for a picnic). The carnival folks transforming into hideous monsters can’t spoil this place.

#4: Imperial Garden & Basho’s Garden, Red Dragon Island

(Click on each of the images for a better view.)

Okay, so maybe these are two scenes. But both come from the same island, and have a very similar aesthetic, so I thought it best to place these two together as one point on the list.

Anyhow, in my opinion, these two scenes are certainly the most idyllic in Poptropica. With the all graceful plant life – most notably the cherry blossom trees – and the simple, but well-placed silhouettes, who would disagree that it doesn’t set a tranquil atmosphere?

#3: My Realms, Poptropica Realms


Based on Yggdrasil from Norse mythology, the tree containing all worlds, this scene may seem simple, but really, it is quite captivating. The minimal sky background, the way the colossal tree’s branches twist, and the shining bubbles containing enigmatic pinpricks of light all add up to its enthralling aesthetic.

#2: Sacred Tree, Twisted Thicket Island


Well, all of the woodlands of Twisted Thicket is remarkably beautiful. But this scene, in particular, is truly captivating. With the glowing flowers and woodland runes, to the patterns the ivy grows over the tree, and the superb background, this could be any enchanted forest from the oldest fairy tales.

#1: Binary Bard’s Dream, Super Villain Island


There’s not that much excessively beautiful to this picture; but that definitely excludes its background. A multicolored masterpiece of stars and space – coming here just to see this galactic sky is probably more worth it than obtaining the Astrolabe Totem.

And, on that note, that concludes this rather beautiful post. Feel free to share your thoughts via commenting below! 😉