Sunday Stories: The New Tribe (Part 3)


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, presenting you the penultimate part of The New Tribe – a fan-fiction featuring Sarah Snooty and the Poptropolis Host in the Poptropolis Games. Make sure to catch up of the first two parts of the story if you haven’t already.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


The athletes go into a small room away from the centre of the stadium to take their shoes off for Volleyball, just like they did for Diving. As soon as they all enter the room, away from the crowd’s attention, Shaky Skunk turns to Snooty and says, ‘Um, Snooty, how did you manage to win all of those events like that? I’m surprised you didn’t trip over the starting line in Hurdles, let alone fail every single sport.’ Sarah sniffs and says, ‘Oh, honey, please don’t burst your puny head about it. I’m just too good for y’all. Admit it.’ Sarah turns over to Silver Tornado. ‘Uh, loser your costume is so drab. Who’d put such an ugly costume? Erk. You could totally learn some fashion tips from yours truly! You so need it.’ A few people start to mutter under their breaths about ST’s nice costumes and Sarah’s awful ones, Sarah raises her hands and says, ‘Hey little toads. You’re so stupid. Of course I was always going to beat you! I’m the best, and you’re the most weak little beings on Poptropica. As everyone starts to shout at her, a foghorn bellows, meaning that the athletes must head over to Volleyball.

The athletes and I head over to the Volleyball pond, where the Volleyball octopus is waiting. But as I go and stand at the edge of the pond, I notice a dark shape out of the corner of my eye. I turn to my right, and half-concealed behind a large thicket is a figure shrouded in shadows cast by the tree behind it, so I have no idea what – or who – it is. I walk over to it, and positively jumps up five metre with alarm and speeds away. I notice distinguishable arms and legs, so it must be a person. I run after this person, but he/she disappeared. But meh, it was probably just a spectator who wanted to get really close to the action. I then go back to the Volleyball pond, and I immediately cursed under my breath. The octopus’ tentacles flop limply on the surface of the water. Its head submerges just very slightly to the surface, and if its expression says anything, it’s that it’s sick, with his orange head having the slightest of a green tinge, and its eyes rolled, but I get a feeling it isn’t from sarcasm. That mysterious figure must have done something to the octopus. Nonetheless, we can’t cancel a game in Poptropolis because of this. I turn to the line of athletes, and I shout: ‘First up, begin!’

Of course, Sarah Snooty had to be first. She strutted inside the pond and threw the ball at the octopus. I was surprised how she threw it – considering how well she’d done in the other events, she was just horrible. But the octopus was so ill, he flopped one of his arms two centimetres, but he didn’t try to even touch the ball, let alone toss it back. The game went for about fifteen seconds, and Snooty ended up winning five – nil. But as soon as Lucky Joker stepped into the pond for his turn, the octopus literally flashed exactly like someone turning a light on and off repetitively, and then he looked perfectly back to normal. In fact, he seemed even more hyper than usual. And with that, alas, Lucky Joker – and pretty much everyone else – lost to the octopus five – nil. The crowd booed. About a quarter of them stormed off with shouts like: ‘These games are so biased’, ‘Snootypoopy (nice name, btw) won every event! Boooo!’, ‘What’s the point of paying to watch these Games if the same person wins every event by the furthest margin possible?!’

I gnashed my teeth. Sarah Snooty had come first by far in every single event, and therefore, she came in first for Poptropolis. I really wished I got the chance to toss her into the Poptropolis Flame. But I have to do my role as the host in Poptropolis, or Comic Kid would kick me off Poptropolis, and replace me with some lunatic who wouldn’t know how to do my job. I head up to the marble stage where the Archer and the Raking board are. I take a deep breath, and say loudly to the crowd, ‘In the Poptropolis Games, there can be only one winner. I present to you the grand idiot – um, I mean champion – of Poptropica … Sarahsnootin -’


And ending on that note, Part 3 of The New Tribe concludes. Make sure to tune in next time for the thrilling climax of the story on Sunday Stories.



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