Saturday Style: Week 3


Oh dear… should the segment be re-named Monday Style? Sorry for the delay. Anyhow, welcome to the final week of our Inside Out-themed costumes!

Fear (By Happy Lobster)fear.png

Hair: ASG anything662

Glasses: New You, Home Island

Mouth: ASG mouthtests50

Bowtie: April Fool, Store (275 credits)

Shirt: Hemlock Inn man, Ghost Story Island

Riley (By Happy Lobster)riley.png

Hair: New You, Home Island

Bangs: Vampire Girl 3, Store (275 credits)

Mouth: New You, Home Island

Shirt: ASG *tpkp*252 (the shirt will be underneath the pink outfit)


So, that concludes Week 3 of Saturday Style, and the Inside Out costumes! I hope you enjoy these – and now you too can dress up as some of your favourite characters from the movie in Poptropica!

Make sure to come back for the next Saturday Style for a brand-new batch of costumes!




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