Sunday Stories: The New Tribe (Part 2)


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, presenting the second Sunday Stories post. The story displayed here is the second part of a short story called The New Tribe: a tale about the Poptropolis Games, its Tribes, and the antics of Sarah Snooty. If you want to catch up on this story from the beginning – since if you do start reading from this point onwards, some parts may be a little confusing – you can read it here.

With that said, enjoy! 🙂


‘Sarah Snooty,’ says the girl, sniffing at me. ‘I’m Sarah Snooty! Which of course, you must already know. Ugh, why are you all, like, staring at me? I’m just too hot to handle, aren’t I? OMG, you look hideous, host-loser.’ I grinded my teeth pretty hard. ‘I knew that this year’s lot couldn’t not have had some fault in their lineup!’ I exclaimed. Sarah snorted again. ‘Uh, loser, you’re from perfect yourself, you know. You said that you welcomed everyone to the Games. You’re like, supposed to say Games.’ (Stupid girl. Does she not know that we made the Games annual after 2013?) Sarah glanced over to the scorched spot where the unfortunate member of the audience who got shot had been a minute ago. ‘I’m not sure the Games are going too greatly at the moment. Well, the Sarahsnootiness tribe is here, honey! We’re going to win Poptropolis!’ Somewhere in the stadium, a gaggle of girls dressed in pink and yellow cheerleader costumes screeched, ‘Go Sarah! She is awesome! Go Sarah! She is awesome!’ At this, Tall Cactus starts to mime puking (which I have to commend her on).

I growl, ‘Impossible! There can only be the original tribes in the Games! And you can only select one of the tribes on the Selecting Board!’ But the Purple Claw chimes in. ‘Um, Mr. Host, I think there was a ninth button on the Selecting Board that had Snooty’s face on it.’ ‘What?! Impossible!’ I thunder out loudly. But even as I say that, I look over at the blue Selecting Board behind me. Sure enough, there seems to be a pink button beside the Nanobots button with Sarah’s snooty little face on it. I yell out a strangled cry, and I rush over to it. I use the touchpad to hover over the button, and it says ‘Sarahsnootiness’.

This year’s Poptropolis Games is going to be a disaster. ‘But who did that? How would anyone be able to add a new tribe to the Selecting Board?’ I shout. Snooty points to a guy in the crowd. This person is in a brown leather jacket, has long hair bunched into a ponytail, and wears black-rimmed glasses. ‘Gamer Guy!’ says Sarah. At this, the man with the ponytail starts to speak in a loud, husky voice. ‘Yup, I’m Gamer Guy! I just hacked your Board system a little, to place Sarah’s tribe there. In return, she said she’s gonna marry me!’ Sarah batted her eyelashes at him, but something in her eyes told me that she wasn’t going to keep her promise of marriage for very long. ‘So, loser,’ Sarah says. ‘I have to compete now. Can’t you see my tribe is now also on the Ranking Board because it was put on the Selecting Board? There’s no going back.’ I grind my teeth some more (and at this rate, I’m not going to have any teeth left with Little Miss ‘I’m-so-Awesome’ here) and snap to Snooty, ‘Fine. You can compete, because you have to, now the tribe is on the Selecting Board. But you cheated to get your way in here. So, if you lose the Games, I swear you will be tossed into the Poptropolis Flame. Consequences are hard in Poptropolis, particularly for brats called Sarah Snooty.’ Most of the crowd cheer at this, except for Gamer Guy and the Sarahsnootiness cheerleaders. At this, the Archer shoots another flaming arrow, and this time it hits the giant bonfire plinth without any more injuries (thank goodness). ‘Whatever, Ugly. I’m going to win anyway. So, let’s start!’

The Games begin with archery. In the background, the Snooty cheerleaders are still shouting their lame support for Sarah. Everyone except Sarah gets their turn to shoot, and to say the least, their shots are awful. Well, except for the Nightcrawlers girl – she got a total of eighty-nine points out of a hundred, which is pretty good. ‘Sarah, I doubt someone like you will succeed in archery. You’re not going to win the Archery event.’ Orange Shell says to Snooty. The latter rolls her eyes and sneers, ‘Watch and learn, noob.’ Sarah takes up her bow and ten arrows, and walks up to the shooting position. She grabs all of her arrows, nocks all ten onto her bow, raises the bow, and shoots the ten arrows all at once. Somehow, all of them hit a bullseye, each worth ten points, which has to be impossible.

After the event finishes, the Archer shouts out: Sarahsnootiness is in the lead!

(thirty minutes later)

Oh, great. Just fabulous. This Poptropolis Games is turning out to be a total nightmare. Not only has Sarah permanently ruined the 2016 Games by even daring to compete, she has also won every event so far: Archery; where she got ten bullseyes, Diving; where she got a perfect score, Hurdles; where she finished thirty seconds before Red Thunder, who came in second, Javelin; where she threw her javelin fifty metres past the original highest record, Long Jump; where she went way off the mud track, Pole Vault; where she literally went ten metres higher than the bar, Power Lifting, where she managed to lift up a weight of 1000 kilograms, Skiing, where she finished in twenty seconds, Triple Jump, where she managed to jump a titanic 12,723 metres (it did take a while for her to get back) and Shot Put; where she threw the discus so far it smashed off the head of a statue on the other side of the stadium where she threw it from. Just one of those should’ve been impossible – so how did she manage to do all of them? Something’s not right…


Well, that concludes Part 2 of The New Tribe. Be sure to tune in next time for the final instalment of The New Tribe to be showcased on AQoP. Stay popping. 😉



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