Saturday Style: Week 2


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and I’m bringing to you the the second week’s costumes of Saturday Style. This week’s (and the previous and next weeks’) theme is Inside Out, a Pixar movie. We’ve already made costumes of Joy and Sadness, two characters from the movie, so why not check them out?

Without further ado, let’s pop right into it!

Disgust (By Happy Lobster)

Hair: Vampire Girl 3, Store (275 credits)disgust.png

Bangs: Prom Queen, Store (275 credits)

Marks: ASG *cloud*6.

Mouth: Assistant Director (the woman in purple), Back Lot Island

Scarf: Cowgirl, Store (275 credits)

Dress: ASG tinkertorch.

Anger (By Happy Lobster)

Hair (well, there actually doesn’t seem to be any 😛): ASG MilkBoxASG.anger

Mouth: Yokozuna, Red Dragon Island

Shirt & Belt: Business man on Main Street, Red Dragon Island

Pants: Amelia Earhart, Home Island

Well, that concludes Week 2 of Saturday Style. Tune in next time for the final week of the Inside-Out-themed costumes! Stay popping. 😉



10 thoughts on “Saturday Style: Week 2

  1. Bendy Flyer says:

    You can also customize Director D after you complete Spy Island. Also, who are the Inside Out characters that are gonna be featured?


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