Sunday Stories: The New Tribe (Part 3)


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, presenting you the penultimate part of The New Tribe – a fan-fiction featuring Sarah Snooty and the Poptropolis Host in the Poptropolis Games. Make sure to catch up of the first two parts of the story if you haven’t already.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


The athletes go into a small room away from the centre of the stadium to take their shoes off for Volleyball, just like they did for Diving. As soon as they all enter the room, away from the crowd’s attention, Shaky Skunk turns to Snooty and says, ‘Um, Snooty, how did you manage to win all of those events like that? I’m surprised you didn’t trip over the starting line in Hurdles, let alone fail every single sport.’ Sarah sniffs and says, ‘Oh, honey, please don’t burst your puny head about it. I’m just too good for y’all. Admit it.’ Sarah turns over to Silver Tornado. ‘Uh, loser your costume is so drab. Who’d put such an ugly costume? Erk. You could totally learn some fashion tips from yours truly! You so need it.’ A few people start to mutter under their breaths about ST’s nice costumes and Sarah’s awful ones, Sarah raises her hands and says, ‘Hey little toads. You’re so stupid. Of course I was always going to beat you! I’m the best, and you’re the most weak little beings on Poptropica. As everyone starts to shout at her, a foghorn bellows, meaning that the athletes must head over to Volleyball.

The athletes and I head over to the Volleyball pond, where the Volleyball octopus is waiting. But as I go and stand at the edge of the pond, I notice a dark shape out of the corner of my eye. I turn to my right, and half-concealed behind a large thicket is a figure shrouded in shadows cast by the tree behind it, so I have no idea what – or who – it is. I walk over to it, and positively jumps up five metre with alarm and speeds away. I notice distinguishable arms and legs, so it must be a person. I run after this person, but he/she disappeared. But meh, it was probably just a spectator who wanted to get really close to the action. I then go back to the Volleyball pond, and I immediately cursed under my breath. The octopus’ tentacles flop limply on the surface of the water. Its head submerges just very slightly to the surface, and if its expression says anything, it’s that it’s sick, with his orange head having the slightest of a green tinge, and its eyes rolled, but I get a feeling it isn’t from sarcasm. That mysterious figure must have done something to the octopus. Nonetheless, we can’t cancel a game in Poptropolis because of this. I turn to the line of athletes, and I shout: ‘First up, begin!’

Of course, Sarah Snooty had to be first. She strutted inside the pond and threw the ball at the octopus. I was surprised how she threw it – considering how well she’d done in the other events, she was just horrible. But the octopus was so ill, he flopped one of his arms two centimetres, but he didn’t try to even touch the ball, let alone toss it back. The game went for about fifteen seconds, and Snooty ended up winning five – nil. But as soon as Lucky Joker stepped into the pond for his turn, the octopus literally flashed exactly like someone turning a light on and off repetitively, and then he looked perfectly back to normal. In fact, he seemed even more hyper than usual. And with that, alas, Lucky Joker – and pretty much everyone else – lost to the octopus five – nil. The crowd booed. About a quarter of them stormed off with shouts like: ‘These games are so biased’, ‘Snootypoopy (nice name, btw) won every event! Boooo!’, ‘What’s the point of paying to watch these Games if the same person wins every event by the furthest margin possible?!’

I gnashed my teeth. Sarah Snooty had come first by far in every single event, and therefore, she came in first for Poptropolis. I really wished I got the chance to toss her into the Poptropolis Flame. But I have to do my role as the host in Poptropolis, or Comic Kid would kick me off Poptropolis, and replace me with some lunatic who wouldn’t know how to do my job. I head up to the marble stage where the Archer and the Raking board are. I take a deep breath, and say loudly to the crowd, ‘In the Poptropolis Games, there can be only one winner. I present to you the grand idiot – um, I mean champion – of Poptropica … Sarahsnootin -’


And ending on that note, Part 3 of The New Tribe concludes. Make sure to tune in next time for the thrilling climax of the story on Sunday Stories.



Saturday Style: Week 3


Oh dear… should the segment be re-named Monday Style? Sorry for the delay. Anyhow, welcome to the final week of our Inside Out-themed costumes!

Fear (By Happy Lobster)fear.png

Hair: ASG anything662

Glasses: New You, Home Island

Mouth: ASG mouthtests50

Bowtie: April Fool, Store (275 credits)

Shirt: Hemlock Inn man, Ghost Story Island

Riley (By Happy Lobster)riley.png

Hair: New You, Home Island

Bangs: Vampire Girl 3, Store (275 credits)

Mouth: New You, Home Island

Shirt: ASG *tpkp*252 (the shirt will be underneath the pink outfit)


So, that concludes Week 3 of Saturday Style, and the Inside Out costumes! I hope you enjoy these – and now you too can dress up as some of your favourite characters from the movie in Poptropica!

Make sure to come back for the next Saturday Style for a brand-new batch of costumes!



Monday Monitors: Poptropica Realms


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s me Purple Claw here, with a Monday Monitor special! As you saw in the title (or the graphic below) I will be reviewing the ”Poptropica Realms”. I would be really surprised if you don’t know what Realms is, but if you never played it before, click here to learn more! Now let’s get started, shall we?😛


Basic Info

A journey of infinite discovery awaits you in Poptropica Realms. Create a brand-new world, and then use the power of Svadilfari to shape it into any form you can dream. Explore randomly generated terrain. Meet strange creatures. Build never-before-seen structures. Then share your creations with the world! In Poptropica Realms, the only limit is your imagination!

The Poptropica Realms is a super fun Poptropica bonus. It’s like Minecraft, because you can create and destroy things. There are also different biomes you can explore. Your choices are: Forest, ice, desert, swamp, lunar, fire, crystal.


To create stuff, you mine the ground to find Poptanium. You can spend Poptanium to create different things. Have you collected enough info about Realms? If you do, read more below. If not, try playing Poptropica Realms yourself.😉

(Pst, check out this theory I made about the Poptropica Realms back on June, after reading the whole review. Enjoy!)

Storyline & Characters

After clicking on the realm icon on the map, you’ll land of a forest and your Poptropican will say ”What is this place?”. Our Poptropicans must learn how not to talk to themselves, that will ruin their reputations.😄


Anyway, just go to your right, and enter the ancient castle (that’s on your right too), and then jump on the marble stones, and you’ll fall.😛 Then, climb the rope on your right. There you will find a majestic hammer shinning and flying above an old anvil. Just go and grab it! Finders-keepers!


After taking the hammer, a ghost will appear! No worries, it’s a good ghost (probably) and will tell you a few things about that glorious hammer. Just listen to him carefully and then ask him the questions listed when clicking on him, so you can more stuff about the hammer!


After that, you can explore as much as you want!

On your journey, you will find some evil creatures known as Twilight Pixies. They might seem adorable, but all they want is to steal your precious Poptanium crystals. You will also find creatures that look like monsters, but they are actually harmless. You can feed them, and they mine the ground, to get you Poptanium. Beware through: The creatures with red eyes, and angry faces are mean monsters that probably had a bad day, so they want to rant on YOU by hurting you!


There are lots of amazing features within Poptropica Realms, but let’s start with the basics. Click on the button that looks like a question mark on the right corner of the screen, and then a help panel will pop up. The help panel looks like this:


Got it?

To create a realm just click on the realms menu, then click on a magical orb, and then you can use the realm type you want, its size, and its name. You can also share your realm so other players can see it, if you are a member!


Besides creating and destroying, your hammer can also perform special tricks, like: Ground Pound (unlocked at level 5), Hammerang (unlocked at level 10) and Super Jump (unlocked at level 15 along with the ”Master Creator” outfit).

You can also visit other people’s realms by clicking ”Public Realms” on the realms menu. There are many creative people out there!


As I said before, there are different types of biomes on Realms. There’s the forest biome, the ice biome, the desert biome, the swamp biome, the lunar biome, the crystal biome, and the fire biome. All these biomes are amazing, they have incredible backgrounds, their graphic designs are awesome, and I freaking love it when the sun goes down; such beauty!

See what I mean?😛


Each realm biome has its own soundtrack! No kidding! And I personally love all of them! My favorite one has to be the ice boime’s soundtrack.! I would totally share all of them here, but I need the paid version of, unfortunately.😦


The time is here, my friends. I give Realms a…


…4/5 Realm Hammers!

Final Thoughts

Realms is pretty great, but it isn’t perfect. There are still tons of bugs that need to be fixed. The angry monsters are way to creepy (even creepier than Zeus’ face), and I would really appreciate a better backstory.  Also, the crystal and fire biomes are members only, and that’s such a bummer.😦

Hope you guys enjoyed this review! If you wanna see more of these, please show your support by commenting and liking our posts!🙂

-PC out!

Winter Updates & Behind The Scenes at Pop HQ!

Sorry for being late! And also, excuse the dumb title. Thank you.

Hey, there, Clawtropicans! It’s me Purple Claw (or should I say Santa Claws *smirks*).

Well, anyway, I’m here to talk to you about some amazing Poptropica winter updates! Let’s get started, shall we?

Winter Outfits, Winter Island.


The new Poptropica might be upon us…

If you liked the Moana makeover Home Island had, you’ll sure love this one! Everything (and everyone) on Home Island is so winter-y. Just take a look yourselves:

Amazing, isn’t it?😛 But that’s not all! Poptropica brought back a few patched cards and outfits at the store (for a limited time only, probably). Check them out:

The Candy Cane-on card costs 150 credits, the Little Candy Cane card is free to get, the Snow Fall card costs 50 credits, the Winter Popgum costs 450 credits too. The Snowman outfit costs 75 credits, the ”Tangled in Lights” outfit costs 125, the Crazy Candy Cane outfit costs 75 credits, the Elf costume is completely free, and so is the Holiday Ball outfit.

Behind the Scenes at Poptropica HQ!

Recently, on the Creator’s blog, Skinny Moon posted some behind the scenes info, about the official creators’ office, the Poptropica HQ!😄

The Pop HQ is located in Boston, Massachusetts. It sure seems like an awesome place! Skinny Moon was kind enough to show us some posters and merchandise from there! Check out the sneak peeks on the montage below.

Isn’t the Pop HQ great? I think it’s pretty cool! My favorite spot, from what we’ve seen, has to be the Smoothie Bar Area! Why would you ask? Well, Zomberry has to be one of my favorite islands, and I just love smoothies! Who doesn’t?😛

Well, that’s it my friends! This was Purple Claw, signing out, ’til my next post!

-PC out!

Sunday Stories: The New Tribe (Part 2)


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, presenting the second Sunday Stories post. The story displayed here is the second part of a short story called The New Tribe: a tale about the Poptropolis Games, its Tribes, and the antics of Sarah Snooty. If you want to catch up on this story from the beginning – since if you do start reading from this point onwards, some parts may be a little confusing – you can read it here.

With that said, enjoy! 🙂


‘Sarah Snooty,’ says the girl, sniffing at me. ‘I’m Sarah Snooty! Which of course, you must already know. Ugh, why are you all, like, staring at me? I’m just too hot to handle, aren’t I? OMG, you look hideous, host-loser.’ I grinded my teeth pretty hard. ‘I knew that this year’s lot couldn’t not have had some fault in their lineup!’ I exclaimed. Sarah snorted again. ‘Uh, loser, you’re from perfect yourself, you know. You said that you welcomed everyone to the Games. You’re like, supposed to say Games.’ (Stupid girl. Does she not know that we made the Games annual after 2013?) Sarah glanced over to the scorched spot where the unfortunate member of the audience who got shot had been a minute ago. ‘I’m not sure the Games are going too greatly at the moment. Well, the Sarahsnootiness tribe is here, honey! We’re going to win Poptropolis!’ Somewhere in the stadium, a gaggle of girls dressed in pink and yellow cheerleader costumes screeched, ‘Go Sarah! She is awesome! Go Sarah! She is awesome!’ At this, Tall Cactus starts to mime puking (which I have to commend her on).

I growl, ‘Impossible! There can only be the original tribes in the Games! And you can only select one of the tribes on the Selecting Board!’ But the Purple Claw chimes in. ‘Um, Mr. Host, I think there was a ninth button on the Selecting Board that had Snooty’s face on it.’ ‘What?! Impossible!’ I thunder out loudly. But even as I say that, I look over at the blue Selecting Board behind me. Sure enough, there seems to be a pink button beside the Nanobots button with Sarah’s snooty little face on it. I yell out a strangled cry, and I rush over to it. I use the touchpad to hover over the button, and it says ‘Sarahsnootiness’.

This year’s Poptropolis Games is going to be a disaster. ‘But who did that? How would anyone be able to add a new tribe to the Selecting Board?’ I shout. Snooty points to a guy in the crowd. This person is in a brown leather jacket, has long hair bunched into a ponytail, and wears black-rimmed glasses. ‘Gamer Guy!’ says Sarah. At this, the man with the ponytail starts to speak in a loud, husky voice. ‘Yup, I’m Gamer Guy! I just hacked your Board system a little, to place Sarah’s tribe there. In return, she said she’s gonna marry me!’ Sarah batted her eyelashes at him, but something in her eyes told me that she wasn’t going to keep her promise of marriage for very long. ‘So, loser,’ Sarah says. ‘I have to compete now. Can’t you see my tribe is now also on the Ranking Board because it was put on the Selecting Board? There’s no going back.’ I grind my teeth some more (and at this rate, I’m not going to have any teeth left with Little Miss ‘I’m-so-Awesome’ here) and snap to Snooty, ‘Fine. You can compete, because you have to, now the tribe is on the Selecting Board. But you cheated to get your way in here. So, if you lose the Games, I swear you will be tossed into the Poptropolis Flame. Consequences are hard in Poptropolis, particularly for brats called Sarah Snooty.’ Most of the crowd cheer at this, except for Gamer Guy and the Sarahsnootiness cheerleaders. At this, the Archer shoots another flaming arrow, and this time it hits the giant bonfire plinth without any more injuries (thank goodness). ‘Whatever, Ugly. I’m going to win anyway. So, let’s start!’

The Games begin with archery. In the background, the Snooty cheerleaders are still shouting their lame support for Sarah. Everyone except Sarah gets their turn to shoot, and to say the least, their shots are awful. Well, except for the Nightcrawlers girl – she got a total of eighty-nine points out of a hundred, which is pretty good. ‘Sarah, I doubt someone like you will succeed in archery. You’re not going to win the Archery event.’ Orange Shell says to Snooty. The latter rolls her eyes and sneers, ‘Watch and learn, noob.’ Sarah takes up her bow and ten arrows, and walks up to the shooting position. She grabs all of her arrows, nocks all ten onto her bow, raises the bow, and shoots the ten arrows all at once. Somehow, all of them hit a bullseye, each worth ten points, which has to be impossible.

After the event finishes, the Archer shouts out: Sarahsnootiness is in the lead!

(thirty minutes later)

Oh, great. Just fabulous. This Poptropolis Games is turning out to be a total nightmare. Not only has Sarah permanently ruined the 2016 Games by even daring to compete, she has also won every event so far: Archery; where she got ten bullseyes, Diving; where she got a perfect score, Hurdles; where she finished thirty seconds before Red Thunder, who came in second, Javelin; where she threw her javelin fifty metres past the original highest record, Long Jump; where she went way off the mud track, Pole Vault; where she literally went ten metres higher than the bar, Power Lifting, where she managed to lift up a weight of 1000 kilograms, Skiing, where she finished in twenty seconds, Triple Jump, where she managed to jump a titanic 12,723 metres (it did take a while for her to get back) and Shot Put; where she threw the discus so far it smashed off the head of a statue on the other side of the stadium where she threw it from. Just one of those should’ve been impossible – so how did she manage to do all of them? Something’s not right…


Well, that concludes Part 2 of The New Tribe. Be sure to tune in next time for the final instalment of The New Tribe to be showcased on AQoP. Stay popping. 😉


Saturday Style: Week 2


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and I’m bringing to you the the second week’s costumes of Saturday Style. This week’s (and the previous and next weeks’) theme is Inside Out, a Pixar movie. We’ve already made costumes of Joy and Sadness, two characters from the movie, so why not check them out?

Without further ado, let’s pop right into it!

Disgust (By Happy Lobster)

Hair: Vampire Girl 3, Store (275 credits)disgust.png

Bangs: Prom Queen, Store (275 credits)

Marks: ASG *cloud*6.

Mouth: Assistant Director (the woman in purple), Back Lot Island

Scarf: Cowgirl, Store (275 credits)

Dress: ASG tinkertorch.

Anger (By Happy Lobster)

Hair (well, there actually doesn’t seem to be any 😛): ASG MilkBoxASG.anger

Mouth: Yokozuna, Red Dragon Island

Shirt & Belt: Business man on Main Street, Red Dragon Island

Pants: Amelia Earhart, Home Island

Well, that concludes Week 2 of Saturday Style. Tune in next time for the final week of the Inside-Out-themed costumes! Stay popping. 😉


Monday Monitors: Early Poptropica


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster, and I’m here to present to you our first Monday Monitors post! Yes, I know, the Weekly Specials posts have really gone off-schedule in the past couple of weeks, but it will be back to normal, starting now.

Just for those who don’t know what that is, Monday Monitors is fundamentally a segment here on AQoP where we look over an island (like a monitor would, hence the segment’s name) of Poptropica, and write up a review about it.

We’re starting off at Poptropica’s very first island: Early Poptropica.


Poptropica’s oldest inhabitants have a problem: someone’s been stealing their stuff! To return what’s rightfully theirs, you’ll explore creepy sewers, pitch-black caverns, and even a giant’s garden in the clouds. See how it all began with the very first Poptropica Island: Early Poptropica!

To start off the quest, you’ll meet the early inhabitants of Poptropica. These folks are pixellated, which is clever, since sprites (Early Poptropicans) were around since the early eras of computing, and now with modern computing, things are now a lot less visibly pixellated (modern-day Poptropicans – like you and me).

Anyway, they’ll tell you that three of their prized possessions – a Prized Porker, a Water Bucket and a Signal Flag is missing. You’ll set off in pursuit to find these items, and you’ll travel to the sewers, where several spiders (several small and one gigantic) roam, inside a well, a mini labyrinth underground, and a giant’s lair in the clouds!

Eventually, you’ll find all three items and return them to their waiting owners, and for your very hard work, you’ll receive an Island Medallion.


Image result for early poptropica

The visuals of Early Poptropica are pleasurable, but not very well developed. You have to give the Creators some slack for this – after all, Early Poptropica is Poptropica’s first island. But the sprites we see in this island are of superb quality, in any case.

The outdoor backdrops seen in Early Poptropica have a relaxed aesthetic to them, and would make awesome wallpapers. And who could forget the giant scene? The vast effect given by only showing the giant’s colossal legs was well utilised, and that short event definitely makes for nostalgic memories in many old-time Poptropicans.

Plot and Gameplay

Image result for early poptropica

The plot for Early Poptropica cannot be considered the greatest. It’s simple, but there are several gaps strewn around it. How did the Early Poptropicans lose their possessions? The Porker person says that a sneaky spider stole his pig. Generally, spiders are not known for stealing pigs and guarding them. How did the spider even make off with the Porker? The Bucket person says that his bucket was stolen. We find it in the giant’s lair. Then we find the Signal Flag atop the Water Tower? How did it even get up there? Why was the giant’s egg underground? It seems like everyone is stealing from each other. Several questions lie unanswered in this island.

Moving along, towards Early Poptropica’s gameplay. As most of you would know, this is a relatively short and easy quest to complete. But once again, the Creators do deserve some slack; this was the very first island they made. It also works as a great tutorial for new Poptropica players, although it is admittedly slightly forgotten now as one, with Monkey Wrench Island now around.


Ultimately, Early Poptropica is certainly a respectable island, with decent art. But its storyline needs some amending to, and the gameplay could be slightly more suspenseful. But all in all, given that this is Poptropica’s first island, this is undeniably a classic to enjoy.

So, judging on a scale from 1 to 10, Early Poptropica receives a…


That concludes my Monday Monitors review of Early Poptropica! I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Stay popping, Poptropicans! 😉

~Happy Lobster hlhead2


The Origin of Ice Puns… Is here!

Hey guys! It’s time for another author to arrive. It’s pretty unusual for a blog to only have 3 authors, so well, here I am 😛 3 has now become 4!

I’m White Ice, and most of you probably already know me from the POP blog and the PSB, and I’m also usually on on Discord. I’m pretty famous among the community, if I do say so myself! (jk) 😉

So, a few things about me-
1. I’m a major fangirl (the book/movie nerd type)
2. I get irritated very easily, so sorry in advance
3. I’m the definition of procrastinator.
4. My favourite food is Shawarma/Doner. Yum!
5. I have around 20 TV shows on my to-be-watched list.
6. I’m 13 years old, I’ve been playing Poptropica since 2009. I joined the community only in June, 2016 though.

If any of you read books as much as I do like The Hunger Games, well, you know where to find me! Or perhaps are movie/TV show fans, of some fandoms like the MCU, DCEU, popular TV shows etc as well.

I’m wanderesa on Discord, and you can add me on Poptropica at maryamkamal2197.

Until next time,

-White Ice 246418129440342017 (1).png

Announcing December’s IotMs!

Hey there, Poptropicans, it’s Happy Lobster! November has ended, and December is kicking in, so it’s time for a new batch of Islands of the Month!

The IotMs for this month are Wimpy Wonderland and PoptropiCon. A lot of the time, IotMs are chosen because of a clear connection to its respective month, and with the snowy spirit over in Wimpy Wonderland, it definitely matches sunny snowy December (for the Nothern Hemisphere). As for PoptropiCon, maybe if it doesn’t quite show Christmas-y vibes, you can at least wear a Christmas costume in the island of costumes!

Anyway, as per usual, when completing these two islands this month, first-time finishers receive 500 credits, and replays will earn you 300 credits, instead of the usual 150 credits for completing them, whether you’ve replayed them or finished them for the first time. 
Since Wimpy Wonderland was originally only playable to members, Poptropica has now opened it for everyone to play! Make sure to get the full Wonderland experience while it lasts, non-members!
But what about the episodic situation of PoptropiCon? As you probably know, PoptropiCon is split into three different episodes, which usually gives you 150 credits for completing each episode. But since it’s now an IotM, you’ll receive 500 or 300 credits for first-time finishing or replaying respectively each episode! So, you could win a grand total of 2000 credits this December! Now you can finally buy both of those pricey pets!

Like with the previous IotMs, Captain Crawfish has generally made some video walkthroughs for Wimpy Wonderland and PoptropiCon to help you earn those extra credits!

Well, that’s it for now. Have fun earning those extra credits this Christmas!

~HL 😉 ~