Get Ready for a Sunny November!

Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster, and I’m here to show you some brand new updates in Poptropica! It’s November, and what does that mean?

Yes, a beach party! Summer is less than a month away (for the southern hemisphere), so why not get into the season’s spirit? Of course, if you live up in the Northern Hemisphere, it would be nearly winter for you, which is even more reason to go to a sunny beach! And you’ll have to dress up appropriately for the party, so Poptropica has added some new summer cards to the Store!


Poptropica has released quite a few clusters of new store items this year, which includes the Lost Expedition series, in tribute for Poptropica’s second graphic novel, the Fall Fashion set, aptly emitted during fall (for the northern hemisphere), and who could forget the amazing array of more fall and Halloween costumes in October, which also included simply adorable pet followers?

Anyhow, there are six new remarkable costumes now available. Four of these are summer-themed. There’s a Tropic Beachware 1 (or a slightly different Tropic Outfit 1 for girls) costume, and a Scuba Gear costume, which costs 250 and 350 credits respectively to non-members. Members, as always, can get this for free. However, there are a couple new perks to being a member – the Tropic Beachware 2 (or a slightly similar Tropic Outfit 2 for girls) costume and the Spray Tan power are members-only items.


Moving on, there are now two additional pet followers, which comprises of a White Terrier dog and a Tabby Cat. And for those of you non-members out there who are still stewing about the other pet followers being only for members, you’re in for a treat. These new additions are available for everyone! These gorgeous pets each cost 1000 credits. Pricey, but definitely well worth it.


I hope you enjoy these amazing new items as much as I did! I just had to get a bit of everything.


So fashionable, right? 😉

And we aren’t the only ones getting into the summer spirit. Check out Home Island’s inhabitants – some of them are dressed in grass skirts and leis!


Well, that’s all for now. See you soon!

– HL😉


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