Sunday Stories: The New Tribe (Part 1)


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and this is the first Sunday Story. This Story is called The New Tribe, which features a well-known Poptropican NPC competing in the Poptropolis Games, from the view of the Poptropolis Games host. But something is definitely amiss when this competitor starts to win all the events.

If this fan-fic looks familiar, maybe that’s because it is. It won second place in the PHB’s Tribal Tournament fan-fic contest, so you may have read it before. If you haven’t, here it is. If you have, you can always re-live this story. Don’t be too disappointed, there will be a new story coming up!

Proceed to enjoy! 😉


The Poptropolis Games, 2016.

Yells and roars of hyped spectators fill the Poptropolis Stadium. Drums beat merrily in the background.

‘Everyone!’ I call. Miraculously, all of the restless spectators fall silent. They stare at me like a murder of crazed crows. (I have special abilities like that, yes.)

So, I guess I might need to introduce myself to you. My name is Perfect Fire, but no-one ever calls me that. I am more commonly known as the Poptropolis Host.

‘Everyone!’ I repeat (for extra-dramatic effect, you see). Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to welcome you to the annual Poptropolis Games! (someone behind me snorts when I say ‘annual’, like a snobby pig, but turning around to see who it is would ruin my whole speech.) Will the representatives of each tribe come forward!

Before I even finish speaking, the line of the tribal athletes walk out into the stadium. (Did they even learn their script before the Games started?) But I quickly check the athletes to see if they’re supposed to be there, and representing the correct tribe. (You have no idea whatsoever about the amount of times in the past Games where the athletes got totally muddled up. I guess it’s no surprise this lot already messed up before the games even formally started.)

So, for Flying Squid, Zany Panda…correct…

Wildfire, Purple Claw…in order…

Yellowjackets, Tall Cactus…correct…

Pathfinders, Lucky Joker…that’s right…

Yellowjackets, Perfect Sky…quite right…

Black Flags, Red Thunder…correct…

Nightcrawlers, Orange Shell…check…

Seraphim, Silver Tornado …in order…

Nanobots, Shaky Skunk…correct.

Oh, yes. Finally. A team that is correct. This is the best bunch I’ve had in centuries.

So then, I majestically call out, ‘Let the Poptropolis Flame be illumin-‘

I pause. And no, this time, it’s not for dramatic effect. The person who snorted behind me swaggers out and pushes Zany Panda backwards so that she can plonk herself at the front of the line. Now it’s my turn to stare like a crow. Before I can say anything, on cue, the Archer shoots her flaming arrow. But like everyone else, she gawps at the mysterious girl at the front of the line. So, the archer loses concentration, and to say the least, her shot gets just a little off-target. The crowds gasp.

After someone in the crowd was quickly hauled off the grounds after he kind of got pincushioned by a flaming arrow, I focus my attention on the unknown girl. She appears to be wearing … a tribal jersey. But it doesn’t seem to be a jersey that belongs to any of the normal eight tribes. Instead, it’s coloured pink and yellow. Some sort of hybrid of the Nanobots and Yellowjackets? But in addition to her weird jersey, she wears a white jacket and pink sunglasses. And blonde hair. She takes off her sunglasses, revealing the most pretentious face I’ve ever seen. I realise that the blonde could only be…


Well, that’s the end of Part 1 of The New Tribe! Stay tuned for next week’s Sunday Stories!

-HL 😉


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