Thursday Topping: Top 5 Worst Islands


Hey there, Poptropicans! I’m Happy Lobster, and I’m here to bring you the first Thursday Topping. Well, yes, technically this post is a Friday Topping, but let’s just ignore that little fact and move along, shall we? 😉

Anyway, this is a top 5 post of the worst Poptropica islands, cherry-picked out of over fifty islands and episodes. Just before you look below and start screaming at my choices of what the worst islands are, please bear in mind that this is thoroughly-opinion based, so these islands may not be what you think are the five worst islands.

Also, the list below contains spoilers for the corresponding islands below, so read at your discretion. But if you haven’t played the following islands and you love spoilers, please, continue reading!  😛

The following islands will be assessed out of 100 for three categories: plot, gameplay, and art. Directly below is a quick guide to each of these subsets:

  • Plot refers to the general storyline and background of the island, and a good plot would be one that is creative, inventive, and that has clearly taken a lot of effort to place together;
  • Gameplay refers to how enjoyable the island is for a player, which for me (again, this post is solely opinion-based) would be interesting, suspenseful, and challenging, and;
  • Art, which is generally what makes up all the visual aspects of the island, and it is another large attribute to what makes an island enjoyable to play (like you would be thrilled if you had to play a sloppy island with bad shapes and terrible colours).

Then the three scores for each of the above factors will be combined into an average score out of 100, which will be the island’s total score.

Haven’t fallen asleep yet? Excellent. Without any further ado, let’s get started!

  1. Survival (Episode 2: Hook, Line and Sinker)



After a not-so-epic first episode, the second episode of Survival starts off with your Poptropican climbing down a rope alongside a cliff. When you reach the bottom of the rope, a slightly violent gust of wind conveniently blows by then, and you fall off the rope. You end up landing on a tree, half-dazed for a few moments, and then you suddenly realise that you are hungry, and you set off in pursuit of a fish to catch and eat.

Like most other episodes in Poptropica, it is pretty short. At the very start of the quest, your Poptropican finds almost all of the items for later use in the episode conveniently strewn around trees for you to easily collect, all in just one scene. For most Pop quests, you would have to obtain all your items by accomplishing certain parts of the island, one at a time, and by practically throwing almost everything needed at you as soon as you enter the episode, it does not promise for a particularly developed or even merely challenging quest.

All you have to do for this episode is walk, jump and push certain entities for about five minutes, and it does require little thinking, which is something I personally like to be included in island quests. So it’s fair enough to say that neither the plot nor gameplay are that great. But, at least there are some positives – the art in Hook, Line and Sinker is fairly pleasant. With a picturesque sky with graceful tree silhouettes, the island’s aesthetic is visually pleasing.

In any case, you can get a free Fishing Suit in the episode itself, which is an additional bonus, as it is unnecessary to finishing the quest, but it still looks pretty nice.


  1. Mission Atlantis (Episode 1: Into the Deep)



Upon arriving on the island, you’ll meet a filmmaker called Cam Jameson standing on a boat, who immediately asks for your help filming underwater footage of some fish, and asks you to find the key to a submarine, so the underwater filming can get started, or as Jameson puts it, ‘the greatest fish story ever told!’. To acquire the key to the sub, you’ll have a fun time kicking buckets of ink over people’s heads, and then you will get the key.

The first part of the episode is rather quick and easily the most boring scene from it, so there won’t be any particularly lacklustre parts from now on during the episode. But that’s not to say it’s going to be particularly exciting, either. Anywho, when you get into the ‘Bubble’ submarine pod, and go underwater, you’ll proceed around the ocean, taking photos of sea creatures, most of which will require simple and vaguely interesting means to get a clear photo of them.

Once you complete taking photos of all the assigned creatures, you’ll spot a rare Hydromedusa, which you follow to the depths of the ocean. You’ll meet a whole clique of the unusual creatures, who’ll come over and electrocute your sub, taking all its power. The Bubble will sink to the deepest, darkest precinct of the sea, revealing the remains of an almost forgotten myth… the lost city of Atlantis.

Most of the episode isn’t very exhilarating. The plot isn’t so great – you take pictures of some sea creatures, and then you conveniently stumble upon Atlantis. There’s not that much to it, and it probably took little effort to think up. In accordance with that, the gameplay is a little tedious. But just as with Survival, the art is definitely good. Well, in the underwater scenes, anyway, since the ship scene is pretty nondescript. The best part of the island is certainly around the end, where the scene zooms out and divulges the most breathtaking feature of all in the episode.

  1. Monkey Wrench Island



When you start this island, you’ll find yourself in an airborne plane that looks like it has seen better days. In front of you in the plane, is Amelia Earhart, who in real life, was the historical pilot who went missing flying over the Pacific eighty years ago. The Flying Ace race is beginning, and once an official comes over to tell you all that you will be competing for the Monkey Wrench medallion as a prize. And just like that, the race is underway! You’ll be flying among several other Poptropicans with varying costumes and means of flying. But just moments after the race begins, a woman in a red plane, called the Red Baroness comes over, and throws a wrench at your plane. Spluttering with clouds of black smoke, your plane crashes on a small island in the middle of Poptropica’s endless seas…

You’ll momentarily be in a daze on this new island, but you’ll be woken by a monkey. He’ll guide you through the island, dotted with a few unavoidable setbacks, which are momentary tutorials that’ll teach you how to walk, run, jump, click on objects, open your inventory, exit scenes and also how to change your Settings. It’s not as if a lot of you really need this, but after all, it is a tutorial for new Pop players. You’ll meet the chatty Crusoe, who tricks you and Amelia by making you give him materials to make a hammock and a drink for him. He then shows you his plan for a brilliant blimp to get back into the Flying Ace Race, and asks you to build it.


Yeah … maybe brilliant is not the word to describe it.

But then a monkey comes forward with a another plan – and this plan shows a sketch of your old, trusty Poptropica blimp, surrounded by unusual Nordic runes, which I’d guess translate into measurements and material names. The monkey certifies that it can build it, after you ask it. The yellow blimp is soon made, and you’re back in the race!

You’ll then find that the ever-annoying Crusoe is accidentally with you and Amelia, so you’ll trick him into leaping into the Red Baroness’ plane, which distracts the Baroness and causes her plane to crash. Consequently, you will win the race, and therefore obtain the Monkey Wrench medallion.

So… suffice it to say, your Poptropican does not get the most active on this island out of all the other islands. The gameplay of this quest comes crashing down like the Baroness for me. The storyline is quite simple, and one might even say that it is pretty crude. But the art within this island is spectacular, in clarity, colour and detail. But still, this island was meant as a tutorial for new players, and I think Poptropica has definitely delivered on this. It has been made easy to play for beginners to understand Pop and its quests, and MW definitely conveys a clear sense of adventure, an element that I think is certainly a necessity in any Poptropica island.

  1. Virus Hunter



Just about a minute into the quest, and you’ll meet a strange man atop the Globochem building, who believes the government is up to something. He’ll tell you that if you can prove that the government has set up a shop in the building he’s standing on, he’ll help you get inside. So, after catching a very inconspicuous-looking truck, with the name Pizza Delivery Company, you’ll bring back a bag of shredded documents, dropped by the truck’s driver. Piece them together, and you’ll end up with three complete documents, one of which shows how to get in the PDC’s secret laboratory. The strange guy will then give you a fake PDC badge.

After accessing the Poptropica Disease Center’s lab with you fake badge, you’ll meet Dr. Lange, who’ll tell you that your badge is a phony, but she really wants a volunteer to stop the virus. She’ll show you a slightly creepy video about the CC13 Influenza, and then send you on your way with two items. Then, after a bit of rummaging through bins, talking to falafel guys, following falafel guys and taking photos of falafel guys’ customers (now that’s what I call not stalking), you’ll be back at the PDC, and you’ll show her the picture of Joe Stockman (the falafel customer), who is also Patient Zero, the person containing the perilous virus. Dr. Lange will then take you to another room, reassures your Poptropican that they have 99% success chance of nothing going wrong when she shrinks you (very reassuring), and then the giant machine facing you fires a laser at you, and you’ll shrink to a nano-sized Poptropican.

You’ll then be in a tutorial, which will show you how to control your ship, the Panacea, which comes with four individual weapons. After the tutorial, a PDC scientist will give Joe Stockman some Chinese food, and you and the Panacea are in it. He’ll eat it, and you’ll now be inside Patient Zero’s stomach! You’re in for an adventure like no other Poptropican quest – you’ll travel all over inside a Poptropican’s body, fighting killer viruses, which, to be honest, do look very impressive.

In all, Virus Hunter is far from the classics. For this island, the storyline is poorly developed. After all, we only know about the Poptropica Disease Center, disguised as the Pizza Delivery Company in public, which finds out the person with the hazardous virus, and they send you in a nano-sized robotic ship, in Patient Zero’s body, to stop it. How did the virus come about? Why is Stockman Patient Zero? There are several questions in Virus Hunter that aren’t answered. The gameplay is definitely full of action – but only in a few parts, when you have to face off against the more major viruses, Otherwise, the action is a little dull. And the island is also glitchy in several areas, being the first official SUI. For the art, to be perfectly honest, is mostly tedious inside the body, and a few sections could even be considered as gross. But like I said before, the appearances of the viruses are quite impressive, which definitely boosts up the island’s visual attributes.

  1. Wimpy Wonderland



As soon as you get off the blimp on this island, you’ll encounter Greg Heffley, the protagonist of the popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series. He’ll say that his younger brother, Manny, has disappeared while Greg was supposed to be babysitting him. Greg is obviously the best babysitter around, isn’t he?

Like the inquisitive Poptropican you are who gets itself tangled in trouble and mystery just upon touching the island, you set off immediately in pursuit to find Manny. The island actually is reasonably fun to play, with several lively scenes; you get to ride a Rumble Bike, chase Manny around a school, climb up Leisure Towers with numerous chances to get belted with random objects thrown at you by elderly residents, play bingo (for those of you folks out there who love puzzle games) push a giant snowball that avalanches over the Whirley Street kids, and perhaps the most fun of all, you get to sled over hills to get back to the Heffleys’ house.

In short, the gameplay is very enjoyable. But in total contrast, is the art (excuse my bad puns). With the whole island being mostly white, with hints of black and negligible traces of blue, it makes for an aesthetic that is boring and depressing in equal measure. The plot – a little better than the visual aspects. Again, like the first episode of Mission Atlantis, the storyline isn’t really developed, but Wimpy Wonderland’s general plot is definitely better than Into the Deep. Some may think it’s just ‘you lose Manny, then you find Manny’, but there are several aspects of the plot between those two phrases, many of these being connections and references to the actual Wimpy Kid series.

Moreover, there is an extra you’ll receive in this island: a video game called Twisted Wizard. If you love zapping ogres while being a wizard, this is the perfect game for you.


If you need a helpful guide to beating this game, click here.

Well, ending on that note, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it (which is to say, a lot). What do you think are the worst five islands of Poptropica?

See you soon, Poptropicans!

-HL 😉   


Introducing Thursday Topping!

Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster, and I have some bad news, and also some good news, which (probably) cancels out the bad news.

So… out with the bad news.


Yes, Thursday Theories, originally one of our Weekly Specials, is no longer running. Not that we had an actual Thursday Theories post (so you’re probably not going to miss it), but there was a page about it, which of course has now been deleted.

But like the image states above, it is being replaced with a new segment called Thursday Topping.


In essence, Thursday Topping is a Special where we write up a Top 5 list (the number can differ from five sometimes) related to anything about Poptropica, every two Thursdays. And no, it has nothing to do with the topping as in physically stacking, so don’t expect any ice-cream! 😛

Well, that’s it for now. See, you soon, Poptropicans!

-HL 😉

Behind the Scenes: Shrink Ray Island

Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and I’ve got some interesting things to show you all.

As you may know, Shrink Ray Island, along with Poptropolis Games, were selected as November’s Islands of the Month. Basically, IOTMs are islands that give out extra credits for playing or replaying; in this case first-time finishers receive 500 credits (instead of the usual 300) completing these particular, and re-players will obtain 300 credits, instead of the usual 150 given.

Anyway, as the Creators did so with an October IOTM; they’re showing us some interesting behind-the-scenes pics relating to Shrink Ray Island, one of this month’s IOTMs. Check them out!

First off, we have some curious sketches of dust bunnies, which was an idea for Shrink Ray that didn’t make the cut. It’s a shame they weren’t included in the island – I personally would have loved to see these little critters involved.


And here are two great ideas which were proposed to be included in Shrink Ray, but sadly didn’t make it into the island as well. One is a vigorous activity to do with retrieving coins, and the other is a plan for making a plastic bag into a hot-air balloon.

shrink-ray-island-brainstorm-1Shrink Ray Island brainstorm 2.jpg

I hoped you enjoyed this little tour behind the scenes! Shrink Ray is an amazing island with a terrific storyline – it goes to show that the Creators’ had myriads of remarkable ideas for Shrink Ray, but only the best were selected to make the island a true classic to enjoy.

See you soon, Poptropicans!

-HL 😉

The Poptropica Costume Contest is here!

Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and I have some exciting new for you all!


Poptropica is hosting yet another contest! As many of you might know, Poptropica decided to hold the #PoptropicaArt contest, announced nearly five months ago – an amazing contest for Poptropican players to draw a piece related to Poptropica. This one will need you to draw again – but not just anything. Poptropica is asking you to design your dream costume!

You will be only allowed three entries, so if your mind is overloaded with inventive designs, you’ll just have to cherry-pick the best three. However, there will be only one winner. If an entry of yours wins, the rewards are absolutely incredible – you’ll be bestowed a six-month membership, and your entry will be made into a real costume and sold in the Store itself! Isn’t that absolutely wonderful? And in a nutshell by Skinny Moon:


Not to worry, Poptropicans, Success Kid will not take out the contest and leave you out in the rain (probably).

Anyway, as with several other Poptropica contests, your entries will need to be submitted via social media, like Twitter or Instagram, and you’ll need to tag the costumes with #MyPoptropicaCostume, so that the Creators will see it. The contest ends on December 31st, and the winner will be announced sometime in January, so you’ll have about a month and a half to design your costumes, before time runs out.

You can read about the full rules that come with this contest here. In the meantime, here are a few guidelines that Skinny Moon stated below:

  • You can use our template (find it here) to draw your outfit. Or draw your Poptropican’s outfit freehand (here’s a guide). Or draw your creation using your computer or tablet. Whatever you want!
  • Use your imagination! Get inspired by your favorite movies or TV shows and put your own original twist on them. Or think about your favorite activities, sports, and hobbies, and base a costume around one of them. Check out your favorite magazines and take a cue from the latest trends. The sky’s the limit!
  • Don’t forget about fun accessories and powers that your costume could have!
  • When you design your costume, be sure it could be reproducable as a Poptropica Costume. Teeny tiny details would be hard to recreate for a store costume.
  • Your costume needs to be an original design of yours, not an assembly of current Poptropica costume parts.
  • Give your costume a name and put your Poptropican’s name on it, and if you want, your age. Do not include your last name or where you live. For example, your entry could say something like “Winter Fun Outfit by Happy Catfish, age 14.”

If you need some inspiration in making your costumes, check out these stylish costumes made by Perfect Sky.


Get creating, Poptropicans! We hope to see you come up with some fabulous costume designs!

-HL 😉

Get Ready for a Sunny November!

Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster, and I’m here to show you some brand new updates in Poptropica! It’s November, and what does that mean?

Yes, a beach party! Summer is less than a month away (for the southern hemisphere), so why not get into the season’s spirit? Of course, if you live up in the Northern Hemisphere, it would be nearly winter for you, which is even more reason to go to a sunny beach! And you’ll have to dress up appropriately for the party, so Poptropica has added some new summer cards to the Store!


Poptropica has released quite a few clusters of new store items this year, which includes the Lost Expedition series, in tribute for Poptropica’s second graphic novel, the Fall Fashion set, aptly emitted during fall (for the northern hemisphere), and who could forget the amazing array of more fall and Halloween costumes in October, which also included simply adorable pet followers?

Anyhow, there are six new remarkable costumes now available. Four of these are summer-themed. There’s a Tropic Beachware 1 (or a slightly different Tropic Outfit 1 for girls) costume, and a Scuba Gear costume, which costs 250 and 350 credits respectively to non-members. Members, as always, can get this for free. However, there are a couple new perks to being a member – the Tropic Beachware 2 (or a slightly similar Tropic Outfit 2 for girls) costume and the Spray Tan power are members-only items.


Moving on, there are now two additional pet followers, which comprises of a White Terrier dog and a Tabby Cat. And for those of you non-members out there who are still stewing about the other pet followers being only for members, you’re in for a treat. These new additions are available for everyone! These gorgeous pets each cost 1000 credits. Pricey, but definitely well worth it.


I hope you enjoy these amazing new items as much as I did! I just had to get a bit of everything.


So fashionable, right? 😉

And we aren’t the only ones getting into the summer spirit. Check out Home Island’s inhabitants – some of them are dressed in grass skirts and leis!


Well, that’s all for now. See you soon!

– HL😉

New Author: Purple Claw

Hey Poptropicans! I’m Purple Claw and really happy to announce that I’m your newest author! I’m a Poptropica fan blogger, and I’ve got blog, Clawtropica! I would like to thank my dear friend, Happy Lobster, for kindly inviting to work on this blog. 🙂

I’m just a teenager who loves Poptropica, junk food, anime and more! Besides Pop, I am a big fan of Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, books, TV, etc. My hobbies are blogging, drawing, playing soccer, basketball and singing. Also, if you’d like to friend me on Poptropica, my username is Donatloul (don’t judge!).

Purple Claw.png

Hope you all like me! :3

Well, that was it my friends! This was Purple Claw signing off until my next post!

-PC out!

By the way, I’m sorry this post came out late!

Sunday Stories: The New Tribe (Part 1)


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and this is the first Sunday Story. This Story is called The New Tribe, which features a well-known Poptropican NPC competing in the Poptropolis Games, from the view of the Poptropolis Games host. But something is definitely amiss when this competitor starts to win all the events.

If this fan-fic looks familiar, maybe that’s because it is. It won second place in the PHB’s Tribal Tournament fan-fic contest, so you may have read it before. If you haven’t, here it is. If you have, you can always re-live this story. Don’t be too disappointed, there will be a new story coming up!

Proceed to enjoy! 😉


The Poptropolis Games, 2016.

Yells and roars of hyped spectators fill the Poptropolis Stadium. Drums beat merrily in the background.

‘Everyone!’ I call. Miraculously, all of the restless spectators fall silent. They stare at me like a murder of crazed crows. (I have special abilities like that, yes.)

So, I guess I might need to introduce myself to you. My name is Perfect Fire, but no-one ever calls me that. I am more commonly known as the Poptropolis Host.

‘Everyone!’ I repeat (for extra-dramatic effect, you see). Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to welcome you to the annual Poptropolis Games! (someone behind me snorts when I say ‘annual’, like a snobby pig, but turning around to see who it is would ruin my whole speech.) Will the representatives of each tribe come forward!

Before I even finish speaking, the line of the tribal athletes walk out into the stadium. (Did they even learn their script before the Games started?) But I quickly check the athletes to see if they’re supposed to be there, and representing the correct tribe. (You have no idea whatsoever about the amount of times in the past Games where the athletes got totally muddled up. I guess it’s no surprise this lot already messed up before the games even formally started.)

So, for Flying Squid, Zany Panda…correct…

Wildfire, Purple Claw…in order…

Yellowjackets, Tall Cactus…correct…

Pathfinders, Lucky Joker…that’s right…

Yellowjackets, Perfect Sky…quite right…

Black Flags, Red Thunder…correct…

Nightcrawlers, Orange Shell…check…

Seraphim, Silver Tornado …in order…

Nanobots, Shaky Skunk…correct.

Oh, yes. Finally. A team that is correct. This is the best bunch I’ve had in centuries.

So then, I majestically call out, ‘Let the Poptropolis Flame be illumin-‘

I pause. And no, this time, it’s not for dramatic effect. The person who snorted behind me swaggers out and pushes Zany Panda backwards so that she can plonk herself at the front of the line. Now it’s my turn to stare like a crow. Before I can say anything, on cue, the Archer shoots her flaming arrow. But like everyone else, she gawps at the mysterious girl at the front of the line. So, the archer loses concentration, and to say the least, her shot gets just a little off-target. The crowds gasp.

After someone in the crowd was quickly hauled off the grounds after he kind of got pincushioned by a flaming arrow, I focus my attention on the unknown girl. She appears to be wearing … a tribal jersey. But it doesn’t seem to be a jersey that belongs to any of the normal eight tribes. Instead, it’s coloured pink and yellow. Some sort of hybrid of the Nanobots and Yellowjackets? But in addition to her weird jersey, she wears a white jacket and pink sunglasses. And blonde hair. She takes off her sunglasses, revealing the most pretentious face I’ve ever seen. I realise that the blonde could only be…


Well, that’s the end of Part 1 of The New Tribe! Stay tuned for next week’s Sunday Stories!

-HL 😉

Saturday Style: Week 1


Hey there, Poptropicans! It’s Happy Lobster here, and I’m bringing to you the first segment of Saturday Style. This is a special where we show you two stylish costumes that you too can easily make in Poptropica.

This week’s (and the next two weeks’) theme is Inside Out. Just a brief summary for those who don’t know about it, Inside Out is a Pixar movie showing the life of an 11-year-old girl, controlled primarily by her emotions, which are Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear and Anger, who obviously provide Riley with their individual names. Of course, the plot of the movie goes a lot deeper than that, but this post is mainly about Saturday Style, so I’ll just leave the explanation at that. 😉


Without further ado, here are the costumes!

Joy (By Happy Lobster)

Hair: Mythology Surfer (male edition), Store (275 credits). If you are a girl, ASG any boy joy.pngaccount to access the male costumes in the store.

Bangs: New You, Home Island

Mouth: April Fool, Store (275 credits)

Dress: Rock Girl (retired Store costume). To access this dress, simply ASG ‘GreenRockGirlASG’

Sadness (By Happy Lobster)

Hair: New You, Home Islandsadness

Bangs: Rock Singer (male edition), Store (275 credits). If you are a girl, ASG any boy account to access the male costumes in the store.

Glasses: The girl next to the Photo Booth (Home Island) OR the Hemlock Inn woman (Ghost Story)

Shirt: New You, Home Island

Mouth: Lumberjerk (male edition), Store. This store item is not available anymore, so if you do not have this item, the mouth can be found in the New You, Home Island.

Well, those are Week 1’s costumes in Saturday Style! I hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned for next week’s Saturday Style!

-HL 😉

A new author: Happy Lobster

Hey there, Poptropicans! My name is Happy Lobster, but since I’m ordinarily known as HL within the community of Poptropica, you can just call me that.AS12.png

I am a 14 year-old boy from Australia, and some of my favourite hobbies include reading, drawing, sleeping (hey, doesn’t everybody do that?😛), and, of course, Poptropica!

Being a Poptropica blogger, I also work for two other Poptropica based-blogs: the Poptropica Skunk Blog and Clawtropica.

Anyhow, with all the introductions aside, I am the creator of A Quota of Poptropica. This blog has the same general aim as all Poptropica blogs – to provide you with the latest news and updates about Poptropica, alongside some more fun segments, and in our case, they would be our Weekly Specials, which consists of four different presentations. Occasionally, there may also be items posted in AQoP such as Top 5 lists, blog and Poptropica surveys, and endless more post topics.

Heading over to the menu bar just below the header, you’ll notice a whole host of pages, all of which being about both the blog and Poptropica. Several of these pages are under maintenance, and soon you’ll be able to visit these, filled up with useful content and information.

Well, we hope you’ll enjoy A Quota of Poptropica, and its posts and pages. See you soon!

-HL 😉